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Tmi sorry but is it teething? Lock Rss

My lo went swimming on Thursday and ever since has been having really really runny, eye watering, mustard coloured poops a few times a day. Sometimes they wouldn't even be poop just mucus and water. Sorry tmi. She's been off her food lately too but will drink from the breast and water fine. I know something's up cause she wouldn't eat her yoghurt and she loves that stuff. Mum said she's drooling again and she said her top hum looks fat but I can't see anything. Friday night she had a temp of 38 but it was very warm that day. What do you think?
She may have also picked up something from the pool. Does her poo smell like chemicals? Ammonia in particular?
It sounds like she might have a bug. She might be teething as well but the runny poos and mucous sound more like something else. Hope it passes soon.
Just throwing it in there but could it be an ear infection?? Teething and ear infections often go hand in hand and also the water from the pool could of had a part in it. My DD had one recently i thought it was soley teething but she went off her food and drink, she got a really high temp, runny poos and the gel like substance u have described. She was very sooky too which is not like her at all so i brought her to the doctor and found out she had an infection.

My son has had similar in the past, in terms of mucus and runny and a fever. It's pretty much always been when he's teething but, I also remember him having an slight ear infection at one point which may have contributed.

He also had a really, really bad run when he was about 10 months old, was pooing after every bottle and every morsel of food - that was at the time that Karicare had a bit of a formula scare though and I really believe he copped a dodgy batch (even though we sent it back to them for testing and they said it was fine). I just find it odd that as soon as we changed to a new tin of formula, at that time, his poo stopped.
She has been pulling at her ears lately, so thanks didn't even think of an ear infection. I'll take her to the doctors today, been needing to go for me anyway. She has been really sooky lately too but I thought that was just the wonder week thing
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