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My 13 month still hasnt started to teething yet. Lock Rss

Hi, my 13 month old is yet to get her first tooth yet...i have heard all the stories of "my child had 4 teeth by the time they were 8 months old" but should i be worried.?? I know every child develops differently....

Any one else experienced late teething with their child.??
Ohh thankyou.!!
Its great to hear other peoples stories...She is my first and you just dont know what to expect...i had thought of taking her to my dentist, as i was inundated with advice from people telling me her "gums might need to be cut" and you start to worry and worry.....
Thanks again for your reply smile
Mine havent but my friends little girl didnt get her first two teeth until she was 15 months. Dont worry its completely normal. smile

Thankyou smile
Dont worry , My youngest was the same, she didnt start teething til she was around 15 months, and when she did start it seemed like all her teeth popped up over night they came through so fast smile
Dont worry, dd2 is 12months and is just cutting her 3rd tooth her 1st came at 10months which was a shock as dd1 got her 1st tooth at 4months as far as im concerned its a blessing lol older babies tend to deal better with teething then younger ones
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