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Teething and diarrhea Lock Rss

Hi, this is my first bub and im confused, she is 7 months old on formula (for months) and solids for 5-6 weeks. Two days ago she started pooing like a newborn, instead of normal people poos, moulded but soft, they are now very large splats and 3 times a day. And shes sleeping a little more too, normally 2 naps now 3. She also started daycare the day after this so I figure thats not related. Cheeks sometimes warm not hot but quite often pink. People have told me thet teething and diarrhea go hand in hand.

Advise please

DD had exactly the same went on for a couple of weeks red cheeks and giant shitsplosions, we were advised it was all just part of the joys of teething.

As far as the sleeping DD has always enjoyed lots of sleep and still some days has 3 naps and then 11 hours at night (9 1/2 months) so I haven't noticed any change with teething.
Both my DD and DS had twrrible poos during teething!! It was the worst thing ever! Have you noticed any other symptoms? If not i would just say its another side affect of teething!

Nothing else really changed, has been awake now since 3 and going strong.

So more frequent, smelly and runny is prob teething then...... oh joy lol

Thank you ladies smile

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