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Could this be teething? Help! Lock Rss

Hi everybody

Looking for advice. My 5 1/2 month old son has been upset and uncomfortable for the last couple of days. At first I thought he could just be having a bad day but he is still very irritated. He is refusing to drink all of his bottles and is only having small amounts of solids. Poor little guy has a mild temperature and rosey cheeks. He is sleeping a lot during the day - over 2 hours at each nap (this never happens) I am assuming there could be some teeth. Looking for any advice or tips to see if this could be teething. we are about to head off for Christmas soon and want to make sure the little fella is feeling his best. Thanks
same!!! my lil boy is nearly 6 months and is being very fussy (normally real happy kid) and wont drink bottles and suddenly not real interested in solids.
i dont have a themometer but his head felt hot...
Interested to know what other mums say smile
my bub is 7 months and he also went through a fussy stage. some days cut down to half daily intake, but then would have a good day. I think it is teething, whilst my bub still has no teeth, they move up and down a lot from around that age.
Also bubs easily pick up colds and viruses which sometimes not even evident to us, so they can go off a little. quite norm I think, my dr says as long as they at least getting half, they should be ok, also prioritise milk (especially morn and night as below 6 months milk is key to nutrition, then solids)
If it's teething, it'll probably be one of the front bottom teeth coming through. See if it looks inflamed or if there is a red or whiteish bulge. DD's first tooth popped through at 6 months and there was a couple of days (3 I think) grouching before a I saw a little tooth had erupted. Usually once you see it they seem to feel better but a second tooth comes hot on the first ones heels. Chilled teething toys, bonjela and Pamol are good to have on hand.

thanks! smile there is a wee bulge but its on the top? do they normally come at the bottom first?
It is more common for the bottom to come thru first but quite normal for the top to do so. My 5 1/2 month old just sprouted BOTH his bottom teeth last Sunday and it was a complete surprise!. I knew he was feeling something because he was chewing everything but he has never been happier, he giggles over everything! I expected that before they would come through he would become grizzly, my previous boy was really grizzly for 3 months before his first came through. I find rusks great and give pamole for when it gets really bad. Lots of hugs help to
Thanks everyone for there advice, I ended up taking him to the doctors as things got worse. Turns out he has a virus. Lost of rest for the little guy.
Hi - I have a 5 & 1/2 month old boy too... Same he been off, temp, chewing his hans, dribbling ... Turned out he had a virus. Panasonic and keeping an eye on fluid intake. Amazing he still smiles heaps even though he must be feeling awful.... Good luck
Hi Ladies,

My little man is teething and just thought I would share what I got in the boxing day sales. I got a silicone necklace that I wear and is completely safe for bubs to chew.
Yeah those silicone necklaces are awesome. We go ours from when our little man started teething and we couldn't settle him. Though there have been a couple of times where friends suggested a small dose of Neurofen or panadol. but we try to stay away as much as we can.
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