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Recommendations for a "good" teething gel? Lock Rss

I have 8 month twins and are teething and sick of giving panadol, nurofen and Bonjela
Finding Bonjela doent give any relief
Needing other recommendations as I don't want to go down and buy every single one at the pharmacy
You should not use teething gels at all. Your child will be teething on and off many times for the next few years. There is absolutely no need for them and they don't help. Try carrots or ice rings. That's it. Even if you absolutely know it's teething pain don't use pain killers on your children. Give them cuddles and talk to them. They may not stop crying the pain may not go away, but knowing you are there for them. Eventually the teeth will come through and the pain will go. There might be different opinions, but I don't use any pain killers on my children. I've done a few jobs for panadol. I'm not saying they are a bad company, but pain killers do have side effects and the company wants to make money (I'm not saying that's bad, but it needs to be put in perspective). Sometimes you've got to listen to the pain and get through it as best you can without drugs.

I used to use face washers that I'd wet and put in the freezer until they were icey cold at that age (not completely frozen). My son would love chomping on them and the cool would help his gums. I also found distractions like sitting in the grass in the garden also helps a lot.

Just for an alternative view from above I do use bonjela and it does help take the edge of teething for us. Now that bub is a toddler he manages heaps better and usually a little bit of bonjela on the worst days as he teeth are right about to cut is all that's needed.

Hope they cut through soon for you!
If your baby is in pain absolutely use some gel, seda gel or bonjela, I've had tooth aches and used abit myself! They totally numb the area you apply it, and abit of Panadol while teething or in any pain is only helping. It's not going to hurt them. It'd be cruel to with hold any sort of medical relief as that's what it is for!
Do whatever you think is right for your child, mum knows best.
Good luck with it. smile

Avoid using teething gel, try to keep the cold spoon or a cold washcloth over the gums or give your little one teething rings or a pacifier to chew on, this will make your baby feel calm and soothe the pain.
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