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Two teeth at once and when do they show properly? Lock Rss

I've got a couple of questions actually.

My DD who is almost 9 months has got her first teeth come through (after months of people asking about her teething..ugh). It is the 2 bottom ones and they have both come through at the same time. So...

Did you babies have 2 or more come through at the same time?

I can just see them now if she opens her mouth long enough and I look properly, so roughly how long until they start showing properly and it's the end of that gummy smile??

Hi, yup my sons teeth all came through in pairs (usually within a day or two of each other but sometimes up to a week or two apart). He remained having a gummy looking smile unlike he got his top teeth in which was a couple of months after the bottom two.
Yeap my daughter got her 2 bottom teeth first and got them together. She was about 8 1/2 months I'm pretty sure. They took forever to come out all the way, a good 3 weeks I think.
Then she only had those 2 teeth for months and months. She finally cut 2 more up the top at around 13 1/2 months, they came fully out in about 2 weeks I think and has just cut 1 more last week up the top, that one is still only just out. So at almost 15 months she has 5 teeth.
A boy in my mums group would cut 2 and 3 teeth at a time and is 1 molar away from a full set of baby teeth now at nearly 16 months.
Every baby is different though. They all get teeth differently, all cut them differently too smile
So yes they can cut 2 or more teeth at once and time will vary as to how long it takes for them to come out properly smile

My DD is 1 year old. One month back she got her top two teeth first and at the same time. Waiting to see them to come out all the way.
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