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Help! Reflux/Teething? Mamas give me your advice! Lock Rss

I'm a first time mama to my 9 month old DD. The last few days she hasn't been feeling well. Tuesday she was very upset crying alot, she cried so much it made her vomit! Since then she has had diarrhea and has these crying attacks which are horrible she is very irritable brings up her legs and arches her back it takes forever to calm her down only a bath will help! I took her to the doctor today and he seems to think it may be reflux. Has anyone had this experience?

She also hasn't got any teeth yet so do you think this may be signs of teething too?

Mamas please give me some advice! Xx
Hi, sorry your little one is not feeling well.

I wouldn't have thought it's reflux if it's just something that has come on in the last few days and teething does not cause diarrhea. It sounds to me like some kind of gastro bug or something else causing lower gut pain? Has she tried any new food recently which she could be having a reaction to?

Thanks for the reply Pixie Chick!

It is very confusing and hard to pin point what it could be. I haven't introduced anything new recently so i don't think it is a reaction. I thought it could be teething as people have told me diarrhea can be a symptom. She has had these crying attacks before but i didn't think much of it as the times she had it i was away from her so thought it may have been separation anxiety but it doesn't seem like the case now! Wish they could tell us how they feel!
My son certainly gets diarrhoea when he is teething. In fact its diarrhoea (bad enough to cause nappy rash) and reflux that lets us know he's getting another tooth through as he doesn't have any other symptoms. If she's not feeling better in a few days maybe take her back to get looked at again?
Yes the nappy rash started yesterday and it is bright red looks so sore poor thing! Trying to see if she has any teeth yet but she won't let me look in her mouth. I have been putting amolin cream and curash powder on but still so red. What did you use Makalu to help your son? I'm not sure about putting cream, would powder be better as it's dry and won't sting them like cream does?
I think theres lots of different thing people do for nappy rash but here's my routine. I use sudo cream. It's important that you put on a really thick layer as you want it to be a barrier on the skin to prevent poo/pee touching it as it'll burn the raw areas. You can tell if it is thick enough as it should still be there next time you change the nappy (otherwise your barrier was lost). Lots of nappy free time (just put her on a towel on the floor and let her go naked) makes a huge difference as it helps heal the raw areas and makes it less likely to get infected. Also change her nappy frequently to prevent any poo/pee touching her raw skin. Basically you need to keep the area as clean and dry as possible. I don't bother with powder but I know some people like it. If you're worried take her back to see her GP. If you can't get the nappy rash better within a few days it might needs a medicated cream as nappy rash easily gets infected.

Hope that helps
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