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Biting while breast feeding Lock Rss

My 4 and a half month old has been teething for the past month and since then she has taken to biting me while feeding. She normally does this at the end of a feed so I try to take her off quickly when she seems done. I have tried telling her off, yelling no etc but she either stares at me and them smiles or laughs. Clearly that's not working. Lately it has gotten worse. She has taken to biting and then pulling back on the nipple. She won't take the nipple shields or a bottle and I am finding that I'm starting to resent her at feeding times. I really don't want to give up breast feeding though. Does anyone have any other ideas? I think her two bottom teeth are nearly through. Will she stop once they are through? I can't keep doing this if it doesn't. sad
My son did this exact same thing at 4 months. Watch her like a hawk when she's feeding and as soon as she's stops latching on properly pull your nipple out of her mouth. While she's latched on for feeding you should be able to see her tongue which is covering her bottom gum so she can't bite. However once she's not hungry anymore she'll want to chew as she's teething so she'll pull her tongue back in her mouth.

For me this lasted about a month until the teeth cut through then we went back to normal with no more biting. I found if I watched him carefully (particularly towards the end of feeds) I rarely got bitten. He then started getting more teeth at 8 months and tried biting again by which stage he was old enough to learn that if he bites I'd scream and stop feeding him. He only did it a few times at 8 months before learning I wasn't the right thing to bite.

I've heard some people manage to teach younger bubs not to bite but I never managed.

Hang in there if you can. You can always pump and use bottles during the worst of teething. If shes hungry enough she'll probably take one (get your partner to try as she'll know they can't breastfeed). Good luck.
I do try an take her off as soon as I think she is done but she can be sneaky. I made her take the bottle with expressed milk this morning. My Mum gave it to her. We waited until she was quite hungry. About 5 hours after her last feed. She took the bottle, so that was great. I also gave her pamol throughout the day today and she did not bite me. I can't just keep giving her pamol all the time but it definitely helped give me a break today because I was really getting frustrated with it.
Some people may find this harsh, but when my daughter did this at 7 months, my then sister-in-law told me to give her a light flick on the nose and say firmly, 'no'. Hesitant as I was, I tried it, and only had to do it once and she never did it again
That has been suggested. Also holding her against the breast for a few seconds to block the airways. I opted to try that one and she is better but still does it sometimes. I also took her to the chiropractor and she needed a little adjustment in the middle of her back. I think that may have been part of the problem. She isn't biting and then pulling back anymore at least so I'm a lot happier.
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