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Fear of dental treatment Lock Rss

My daughter had encephalitis when she was 2, and as a result of this the enamel on her teeth has not formed which is causing her a lot of problems with her teeth. She needs to have a lot of dental treatment, her teeth will need to be capped when she is older along with braces, but for now she needs to have something painted on her teeth to protect them, which should be really simple, but she's terrified and no matter how much me, her dad and the dental surgery staff try to convince her to let them do it, she won't. She hasn't had any form of dental treatment prior to this and before has only had general checkups, where she has been fine.We have explained to her that they are only painting her teeth (and said it is like her having her nails painted) but she gets hysterical and starts crying. I am really worried and am planning to take her to Family Tree Dental, children's dentistry in Toronto,( ) I don’t know how to convince my daughter. Any suggestions?
I've never been in this situation but given its just painting why don't you practise at home with water. Let her have a go on you. You do it on her. Let her do her toys etc. Might be enough for her to brave letting the dentist do it for real.

If that doesn't work your dentist may be able to prescribe something to make her less anxious on the day. Ultimately if she needs dental work and is too afraid you'll have to decide whether to delay for 6 months or so giving her time to mature (knowing her teeth will get worse in that time) or organise for it to be done under anaesthetic.
The only way is make her understand. Try to make her attend some counselling sessions
At this stage she may not be able to understand the benefits of dental treatment. Try maximizing some other positive rewards like stickers, her favourite cartoon toy, doll etc. Many times experiences at the previous dental visit influences both dental fear and behaviour in kids.
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