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Old Italian Remedy Lock Rss

Hi, just wanted to say that I have found that the best thing for teething is LEMON.

My mother was the one who told me, she was told by a old italian lady who lived next door to her. She used it for me and my brothers and I have used it on both my daughters.

All you do is wash a full lemon, then slice off a piece of the skin about 5 cm long and about 3 cm high, cut one of the end straight. Thats the part you would put in your babies mouth (to stop any bits falling off in babies mouth). Was the lemon piece under water, then slightly bruise it so that you can see the oils coming out from the skin and that what you rub on their gums. My daughter absolutly loves it and she doesnt mind the taste either.

I am always very worried about putting chemicals into my childrens bodies, so this way they get relief and I am not worried about any reactions from medicines.

I know it might sound funny I was sceptical too but it really works.

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Hey thats really kool, my DD is only 18mths and still has teeth coming thru so I will definately try this next time she starts teething... Thanks

mama to 3 beautiful angels...

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Lemon - what a great idea! I wish I'd known about that when my two were teething. My sister-in-law is having all sorts of trouble with her little girl at the moment which is why I'm researching teething. I also found these articles quite helpful too and

We used teething gel which did seem to work to be fair but lemon sounds like a more natural solution. The only thing I'd worry about is that isn't lemon juice acidic? In which case might damage enamel if any of the new tooth is poking through.
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