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2 months 6 teeth HELP Lock Rss

i have a 2 month old with 6 teeth cutting through already, i cant give her any med's as she is to young, the only thing is panadol which does nothing for her.
what do i do????
shes so young she was born 34 weeks ive been told its common for preem babys to teeth early, is this true?
what can i do to give her some releaf????
help im going crazy and so is my bubs.

6 at once! poor thing....

A couple of things that worked for me:
- teething rings (ones you can freeze or fridge are best, but anything hard helps)
- tommee tippee fresh food feeder, put ice or frozen fruit in it for her to chew on
- bonjela teething gel - i think this is safe from 4 months

I also got a homeopathic remedy from my naturopath that DD has only been using this month (she is now 10mths) and that works a treat. There is a "Brauer teething relief" alternative avail from pharmacies which is certainly fine for 6mths.

My friend has been using baby nurofen - she reckons it is heaps better than panadal as it eases the inflammation they get when their teeth come thru. But I've not used it so you'd have to check age limit on this.

Hope things settle down! usually once the teeth break thru things do improve quickly.
h8i there
no she is only 12 weeks today so to young for everything, and cause she was born 6 weeks early she is only 50cm long at 12 weeks so her mouth is even smaller, i use panadol but it doesnt seem to help her at all.i have tryed the brauer teething relif but it made her sick.
i have tryed teething ring but her mouth is to small.
When my wee man started teething at 3 months I made small ice cubes (from boiled water) which I then wrapped in muslim for him to suck. It seemed to help and was easier than a teething ring because I could make the ice into very small bits. Watch out for all that cold melting water though lol.

If you live in or near Adelaide, the womens and childrens hospital have a teething gel/solution which many many parents swear by - the prob is you are only allowed to pick it up and get one bottle at a time - if you know someone in Adelaide you could ask them you get you a bottle. The first time I used it (last week when my cherub of 3 months decided to have 2 little pegs come up) he was screming and I missed his gum and got his lip - then wouldn't take the dummy to setle himslef as his lip was numb.
You put a earbud thingy in the solution and dab it on the gums.

Nto sure if Children's hospitals in other states have a similar thing - all my friends who have kids have sworn by it (even the ones who research everything first)

Good luck
One of my sons got lots of teeth early too and I gave him wet face washers to suck which he loved - homeopathics from a lovely homeopath (chamomilla worked for him - but best to see someone great and check his constitution) and lots of breastmilk and cuddles in bed with us, as he was too distressed to leave alone in my opinion. broke my heart to see him in pain - and so I sometimes gave him that panadol for 4 weeks up....but only very very small doses if the pain was really bad. hope that helps.....
I too know you're pain but bubs hasn't got any teeth as yet. DD was born at 32 weeks and started teething at 6 weeks (confirmed by many GPs etc..) the only thing she really liked was panadol and a fnger and pretty much just screamed and screamed. I tried all the teething rings and such but like you said especially as prems their little mouths are so tiny and it doesn't really work. The herbal teething thing seemed to work but only for twenty minutes or so like toms-mum said the best thing was lots of boobie and hugs. Good luck.
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