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What enriches your family life? Lock Rss

Hello everyone!

Sometimes it nice just to talk about the good things in your life at the moment or tell a nice family story smile

So my question is...

What enriches your family life?

The nicest thing.....just being together in the little everyday special moments- snuggles in bed or on the lounge- kisses and cuddles from my girls, smiles from my bub -when I walk into the room like she thinks I am the centre of her unvierse. The giggle of my girls playing together. Witnessing the loving bond between Father and daughters.

These things are what are special to me- nothing fancy or complex- but boy is it special.

I could survive just on seeing the look on my DD's face when she discovers something. Whether it be a new skill of hers or the fact that the tv cord moves and she can bang it on the ground, or that flies exist! It is priceless and brings tears to my eyes every time.

It's the little funny things for me too. Like watching DP and DS play when they think im not there watching. Watching the proud look on DS's face when he helps hang out the washing. Night time when me and DS are watching telly and reading books(After he's had a bath and smells yummy!) and DP is cooking. (Smell of the food and just the atmosphere)Lots of little things! So many more.


Where do we start!! LOL
I think the nicest thing is when we all lay in bed at night - and when my husband and I are reading - we often look across at the boys snuggled up between us and never fail to say how lucky we feel to have them.........
Things I love are:

Listening to my daughter giggle when she is playing with her dad.

The way her whole face lights up when she smiles.

When I give her a cuddle and lays her head on my shoulder or pats me on the back.

When she wants to sit next to me on the couch for no reason.

I am reading her a story and she leans over and kisses my cheek.

When I get up in the morning and she is standing in her cot smiling, it is a nice way to start the day.

Hey there,

All these posts are makeing my eye's watery!

We're not all that different, are we.

My very special moment today was when I was sitting on the floor and my little Jayda walked all the way over to me using the coffee table for balance. I gave her a big hug to praise her efforts, then she pulled away, looked at me in the eyes, smiled with her whole being, leaned forward and gave me the BIGGEST kiss! It was just magic!

Wow so many wonderful things

I love the way my DD gets excited when her daddy comes home from work, i love it when she touches my face with her tiny hands and is so gently. I love it when she snuggles into my shoulder. I love watching her and her daddy play the afternoon away, i love our midnight feeds when it is just us and we snuggle together and she softly tells me stories. I guess i just love everything about her and i love that i have a family of my very own
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