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Flying with an infant under 6 months of age Lock Rss


A friend of mine told me that a member of her family who is a pilot said that they did not recommend flying with an infant under 6 months of age.

Can anyone tell me whether they have experienced the same advice or whether anyone has flown with their infant under 6 months of age with no problems?

Your help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

I asked my doctor about this before I flew with my son. And she said there is no problem with it, they might just get sore ears.

I flew from Australia to NZ with DS at 4 months and then again at 6 months. We had no problems. He was breast feeding at the time so I just fed him at takeoff and landing.

But a bottle, dummy or drink of some sort has the same effect.

He actually slept quiet well on the flights. And the only problem we had was each time we returned from nz it took him a few days to adjust to the time differnce.
my son was flown to brisbane(45min flight) at4dys old, I could not feed him but he did have a dummy He was also flown home from brisbane at 9wks old I fed him on take-off but he would not wake when landing so I just rubbed him on the jaw line near his ear and behind aswell.
It is probably safer on the baby to wait who knows I don't but there is a lot of pressure inside the plane,the smaller planes are much worse for it. Make sure you chew gum yourslf and for the older kids a lollipop or using a straw with a drink helps aswell.
Happy travels though.

Hi there

We went on a 45min flight 1 month ago with our 3 month old son and they never said you weren't allowed to with an infant, i just breastfed him on take off and landing but u can also rub their ears aswell apparently it has the same effect, he slept the whole time we were in the air, how long is the flight?


That's crazy! I flew with DS when he was 7 weeks old then again at 4 months. I did try to feed him or get him to suck on the dummy while taking off and landing but one time he was asleep and we just let him go, had no problems at all.

thats kinda funny.
I think before bella was 6 months she had flown about um... 7 or 8 times.
never ever even once had a problem with her.
Thats a load of ****!

You can take a bub on a plane at 1 day old if you want to. The Royal Flying Doctor Service flys bubs, the day they are born, to Perth from all over the state if something is wrong with them.

My daughters were born in Perth whilst we lived in the NW of WA and it was either drive for 15+ hours to get home or fly for under 2hrs. Which do you think is easier on both bub and parents???????? FLYING. My girls were both about a week old. The first slept the whole way and the second had a feed for takeoff and slept for landing.

If infants weren't allowed to fly, you wouldn't be able to book an infant onto a plane with you and they wouldn't have infant seat belts and bassinets.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

Hi there, we just flew home over the holidays with our 5 month old and she was fine, i worried about her ears but she just went to sleep throughout all the flights, apart from the last flight as it was delayed and she got real tired and was a bit upset by time we got on the plane. One of the air stewarts told me it can affect there appetite until they are 2 years old, for a couple of days after flying. I think it did have some affect on my baby, as she didn't seem to eat as much for a day or so after we got back.

Hi everyone

I have only just checked my thread, haven't been online for a while.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and personal stories. I really appreciate it.

I am not concerned now about flying with Paige, so thank you all.

Kind regards

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