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  5. Riley giggled/laughed for the first time tonight.

Riley giggled/laughed for the first time tonight. Lock Rss

It was so magical!! my 13 weeks old son riley actually laughted/giggled. I called my husband to come quickly and see! I was so excited we rang his mother to tell her.

My son is amazing!!
Aren't they just the cutest giggles you've ever heard!!!! It is magical. Make sure you catch some of that laughter on video - so you can save it forever.
Aww how cute i love giggles smile very magical
Hi Amlet
I have a 4 month old son Cody, when he giggled for the first time it was about 3 weeks after my dad died, in november, and when he did i thought oh i'll go and ring dad and tell him. Then I realised no I cant he's not there. I'm not being morbid or anything, I realised then that he wouldn't be there for those milestones and he was with my daughter so i'll cherish them even more. The rolling, chatting, see how high pitched he can get its all good. Gone are the days when all my baby did was sleep lol. So it is very exciting when they all happen and the heart flutters and tears come and they'll keep coming. so congratulations and enjoy your little man and your family
thanks I hope I wasn't to sad

mum to tahliah 6 and Cody


~Ellissa born 1/4/05~ ~Daimon Born 5/7/07

My daughter giggled for first time on Sunday at 13 weeks.. It was so cute.. I got some on video camera.
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