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Play Group or Mothers Group In Laidley QLD Lock Rss

Hi Just wondering if anyone can help
Im looking for a play group or mothers group to join either at Laidley or close by , as my little guy is starting to drive me nuts i cant even walk out of a room without him crying he has to be right by myside a few people have told me it may help if i took him to play group so he could play with other children and grow out of wanting to be with me 24/7
any help would be great

Love My Little Cowboy!!!!!!!! Myles 13 Months

Hey I know this post is a few moths old but I'm moving to the laidely area next week and was wondering did you find any mum group playgroups smile
Thanks sheree
Hey, I have started a mothers group in Laidley, you are more than welcome to join we are on Facebook and we meet up every week.
Hi we go to Laidley Little Legs on Wednesday morning at 9am, its at the community centre on Mary street. Here is the Facebook link-

[email protected]
I am not on Facebook. And this post is a few months old.
Can you please email me with details of this mothers group. I have a boy and a girl. 2 under 2!!
I'm very bored at home and would like to talk to other mothers who may have some similar ideas or parenting styles as I do.
[email protected]

Please email me if you have details of a mothers group date and time.

Thanks Sam.
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