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Biting in childcare...How would u react? Lock Rss

Hey everyone i had just joined this thread i am normally found in pregnacy/ birth as i am expecting no2 i also have a 20 month old. Anyway. On the subject off biting i just wanna no how mummies/ daddies react when there child comes home from day care with a bite? I worked in the childcare industry for quiet a while and know biting occurs and its quit hard to fully prevent, but supervision is the key, when my son came home with a bite i got quiet upset but no that yes it happens sometimes. Recently my nephew came home, his 22 months old, with 5..yes 5 bites on his back they all occured in one day i was not happy to here of this, then to no the teacher/teachers caring for him told his mother, these things happen, im sorry but where is the supervision there??? Whats ur opinions?
umm, what supervision. I work in childcare and there is no excuse for a child to be bitten 5 times in one day. Once does happen and it's not always avoidable but 5 is a bit over the top.
yeah i totally agree like i said i also worked in childcare and understand yes once does happen, but yeah 5 is ridiculouse. If that was my child i would hate to know how i would have actually reacted as there is no explanation or excuse they could use to cover this other then they were not doing there job properly and it makes u wonder, if the supervision is so bad that one child could get bitten five times. What else could possibly happen? Its scary! Im very fussy as to were my child goes, my mum is a director so he only goes to her center and i use to work with the assistant in his room so i have alot of trust there! Also the bites were on his back through his t-shirt not an easy place to bite i dont imagine so it would have taken just that little bit longer for the child to get his teeth in/
sorry i just went on a bit but as u can tell Im Angry...sorry
I have to agree with you. I would be so angry if my child came home with 5 bites. I could understand one (still wouldnt like it), but 5 is absurd.

I would be taking my child out of that centre quick smart.


Yeah well my nephews mother has pulled him out. Thank god
Im having some probs with this at the moment, my nearly 2 yr old has been bitten 3 out of the last 4 weeks she has attended day care (it is one day a week!)

It is at the end of the day, when they go into the younger room, and it is a younger girl doing it.

I am furious at them for putting her in the younger room. They say theres not much they can really do, i told them that she is NOT to be put in the room if this is going to happen,

And YES they should be supervising at all times right?

if it happens again, she will be pulled out.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

you are allowed to vent so don't worry. If that was my child I'd have taken her out by now or at least had stern words with the director of the centre. It is illegal for the teachers at a centre to leave the children alone at any time so there should ALWAYS be someone with the children even if the other is changing nappies etc.
Spunky princess- I hope you didn't believe them. there is lots they can do. While she may go to the younger room at the end of the day for ratios etc as some of the teachers go home, they should still be supervising the children and be on top of any children they know that bite! At our centre we are careful to keep an extra eye on any children that bite.
Yes at all times child ration, should be correct, and yes i understand as working in the industry some times rooms have to be joined at the end off the day but if teachers no off a bighter that child should be watched exrta carefully. My nephew has now been banned from the center he was attending (altho he was beeing pulled out after that incident) But he was banned because his grandmother got a bit angry, do u blame her?
thats what I was getting at. At work we have several children who hit etc and they are watched closely to ensure the safety of the other children. Seems a bit extreme to ban him, she has every right to be angry. Does she know that she is able to report the centre? In nz we have ero,(Not sure about aus) and any parent with concerns about a centre that aren''t settled or taken seriously can report to ero whats going on and ero will investigate.
yeah im not too sure i think u just get in contact with family services but his grama (my mum) is a director of another center and she is giving his old center a call tomorrow just to ask what there policy is on bighting becuase my nephews mum never even received incident reports. i dont no how it goes in nz, but everything that happens here in a center has to have an incident report done out (2 copies) one for parent one for center record and parent has to sign both,. But they received nothing! Outragiouse!!!
I am a Early childhood teacher too. I am thinking that maybe the lucky bite recipient (NOT) may not have reacted to the bites. You know how some bubbas can put up with stuff without crying. But by anymeans it is not an excuse, but am trying to figure it out. As I am sure most people would react to this situation with direct action.
So you never know the teachers may have been unaware all day.

I am a kiwi living in to answer TC15E8s question, in NZ we also have torecord incidents pretty much the same as over here.

poor darling, hope it doesn't happen again.

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

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