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Can you recommend a good stroller suitable for a small baby Lock Rss


I stupidly bought a 3 wheel pram for my DD without checking how it folded down. I was blinded by the half price sticker! It is HUGE when folded down and far too long and heavy to take on a bus which I need to do occasionally. It also takes up most of the car boot.

Can anyone recommend a light, compact and easy to fold stroller for taking on public transport? My DD is only 9 weeks old so it needs to be suitable for a little bub. If you could give me a rough idea of price and where you got it that would be great.
Babyco sell a great stroller that can recline back so your bub can lay down. From memory it's a red steelcraft (sorry it's my girlfriend that has it not me) I thinks she only paid around $70 for it. Otherwise i think Big W sell it also

Good luck

I got a stroller for DS from KMart - not sure of they're norm price but i payed $60. It has 5 recline positions from lying right down to sitting upright. Also has a 5 point safety harness.Not sure of the brand off the top of my head but it's black and gray.

Hi lziani,
That's exactly why I didn't buy a 3 wheeler, there's no way it would fit into my hatchback let alone me being able to lift it.
I brought a steelcraft enigma four wheel stroller, it's light and folds down easily. It also lays back to almost completely flat so its suitable for newborns.

Hi, I've got a Valco Urban Ultralight. It is really easy to fold down (supposed to be able to do it 1 handed but it is MUCH easier with 2) and I bought it specifically to take on public transport because I had the same problem with my 3 wheeler. It has a full layback position so suitable from birth although it is actually classified as a stroller. Only thing I don't like about it is no peek-a-boo window. It came with a zip in storm cover and uv cover and carry strap and was around $160 from memory

I'm not sure what your price range is but we have the Quinny Buzz. It is so fantastic. It's extremely light and you can put it together with one hand. Super easy!


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