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HELP!! putting son in child care Lock Rss

I have arranged for my DS to start child care at a centre in 2 weeks and I'm feeling really anxious about it. He is starting at 1 day a week which should be ok but if I get the job I have recently applied for I will need to put him in 2 days and they are long days.

As it is, he goes down really well for his naps for me and hubby or at someone elses place like nannas but recently he doesn't go to sleep while he knows there are other kids around. Yesterday my friend and her son and daughter were here and although my friends DS had a nap my son refused to and ended up being awake for the whole day! I'm just not sure how he is going to go at daycare and having the other kids there he wont want to go down and then will be absolutely exhausted by the end of the day!

Anyone else have these problems, how did your child go? Kai is 10 and a half months and also doesn't like to feed himself a bottle and will only properly take it from me :S Don't know what to do to help with the transition, please HELP

[Edited on 10/07/2008]

hey Kelli
i would suggest taking him in with you there and getting him used to the surroundings (half hour/hour maybe longer for a couple days before he starts) and while your there maybe talk to the ladies about your worries. you'll be surprised how much your child changes at daycare... i used to work in one and we had one child who always wanted a bottle (2yo) from her mum but for us she would take everything from a cup and go to sleep with out one.

as for him sleeping... the novelty will wear off. if he is tired he will go to sleep it might take a few days before he gets it but he will
hope this has helped hope you are both well

Hi Kelli,

My sympathy to is hard to put them into daycare. Like you, I had to put my little girl into daycare at 10 month. We started off on two days a week, and then I had to increase it to four days a week.

To be honest with you, it was hard. No, make that VERY HARD. I think more so for me than her.

Michelle was not one to settle easily, but eventually she did. She has her own cot that she sleeps in and she has two comforters, her blanket, which she only has in her cot, and her stuffed tiger, which goes everywhere with her.

The centre staff were great with her when she first started. They helped to orientate her and gave her those extra cuddles and attention until she settled. I am pleased to say that it only took 4 months for her to settle.

But the key things that we found that helped were these, we both went to play dates before she actually started daycare. We would go for a play for about 1 hour and interact with the staff and other kids. This helped Michelle to get used to the centre and staff.

the other thing that we found to work well was routine. We would go each day at the same time and pick her up at the same time, and we always made a point of saying that we had to go to work and would be back later. This way she knew wew ere coming back. Also, we started the first few days as 1/2 days, that way she got to used to going for longer periods, rahter than being gone for long stretches at once.

It is a hard thing to do, leaving your little one in childcare, but if you find a good one, you and your little one will be happy, and your little one will develop some wonderful socialisation and development skills.

Good Luck.....

Thank you both for your replies, we have already done 2 visits and he has had a play, he loves interacting with the kids which is nice, he is doing a 1/2 day with me there the Friday before I start so hopefully it wont be too frightening for him. Bubblebum I'm sure it is going to be harder for me than him too but thanks for the reassurance that it does get easier.

Bek, your youngest was born the same day as my DS! 30/08/07 smile excited about his birthday.

Take Care.


hi Kelli
yes i remember seeing you in the late aug early sept thread...
havent seen you in there lately.... as far as i know we have about 5 bubs turning one on that day....
so exciting where has the year gone? lol
hope you are well and the daycare Issue works out fine...
it is harder for us then them
wishing you luck

My DS started child care 1 day a week at 10 months, and moved to 2 days a week as of January (therefore 16 months).

He was in a good routine before he started there which helped. He was also used to staying one night a week with my mum in her cot.

Have a chat to the centre. They are usually pretty good about following your routine, within the confines of looking after so many kids. DS had dropped his AM nap by the time he started and has since then been on one long lunch time nap. We do find his nap is a little bit shorted there than home, but he is rarely super cranky after child care, just a little worn out from all the stuff there is to do!

It is really hard to leave them, but I believe the positives for the child outweigh the negatives.

I found giving my child a teddy to sleep with at home helped him to settle really well in childcare. He wouldnt sleep in their cots for a few weeks and as soon as i introduced his teddy he has no problems sleeping but yes it is much shorter than his sleep at home. He is a little cranky when i pick him up but its not long before he goes down for the night so its not that bad. ALso since io have introduced him to teddy he will sleep anywhere if he has it so it has been a godsend.
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