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Child care at 7 months Lock Rss

Hi there, i'm a little nervous about putting my child into care. she will be 7 months. An offer has come up at work to work 10am - 5pm. the extra money would be great. i was looking around for care next year i found a centre that has just opened and has a full time position available now.
I worried that my baby won't know who i am and i won't get to see her grow and be the first to see all the milestones.
i have no one else to care for her as my family have all said no to looking after her due to there own commitments.
i would love some reassurance.
Dear Mandy82
I am in the same boat. I ahve a 81/2 month old, 4 yr old and 8yr old at school. I have just recently gone back to work and my 2 youngest go to family day care together. i too was very nervous about doing this and having other people bring up my children but I believe that unless you have to go back to work fulltime taking your daughter to childcare, family day care, babysitting a few days a week is good. I find that they love the interaction and seem to grow and enjoy the friendships they make. Yes it is awful for the first time you drop them off but you will be fine and you will be able to talk to adults again and enjoy some adult friendships! Good luck. Have fun. You know in your heart if it is right.
I am the same i have to go back to work in October. It is only 2 days a week but I feel guilty about leaving him. He will be 7 months old when I go back and is breastfed so that adds even more stress. I'm sure they will be fine though its a good chance to interact with other children Good luck.

DD went to daycare one day a week from 6 months and four days a week from 10.5 months, she has been fine and really loves daycare. At 17 months she yells mummy mummy when I come to pick her up and is truly happy to see me but really enjoys playing with her little friends. Good luck with the transition back to work, i'm sure all will be fine!
Hi, my ds has been in childcare 2 days a week since he was 6 months old.

I felt horrible (and still do) that he has to go there so i can work, but he absolutely thrives there. They have taught him so many things and he is learning to interact with other children. If there was any signs that he was not enjoying himself, i would take him out quick smart, but there isn't any and the girls there absolutely love him.

When i pick him up at the end of the day, he gives me the biggest smile and throws his hands up for me to pick him up for a snuggle. There is no doubt in my mind that i am number one in his life with dh a close second...
hi mandz82
my baby has been in day care for 2 full days and 2 half days since she was 4 mths old and she loves it she still nows im mum and i get the biggest smiles and hugs when i pick her up and daycare tells me everything she does they even write it in her diary right down to how many bottltes and nappy changes she has had so i dont feel i am missing out
Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.
So far she has had 2 orientation days, on the first day i could hear her crying while i was sitting in the parent room, then on the second day i made sure i didn't hang around for to long and she was fine, apparently she only cried when she was left alone on the mat so the girls put her in the high chair while they helped the other children with their fathers day gifts.
next week will be the challenge when i will be at work, if she is to distressed i guess i will just have to leave work to go and get her.
Here are some of the benefits I found from putting DD into CC:

* The time I did have with her was 100% quality so we appreciated each other a lot more than when I was a SAHM.

* DD leaped ahead leaps and bounds socially - quickly learning the basic skills you only get when mixing with peers of the same age - setting them up for easy integration into the schooling system.

* DD leaped amazingly with her education, picking up things that I never thought of introducing at home.

* I got extra support by CC workers who are very experienced (much more than I was). This included good ideas for parenting as well as fun things like arts and crafts.

* I got some time out to mix with adults at work. I felt good about contributing financially to society and the family, as well as maintaining my own education and socialisation skills within the workplace. I also like that I can role model what being a mum with a career is like to my kiddies.

* Mostly, DD loves going to kindy. She loves her friends, she loves the arts and crafts and happily waved goodbye to me within a few months of starting. Ironically, this was probably harder to deal with as you feel like they don't love you as much when they don't cry (I know, crazy isn't it).

Best of luck, give yourself a good 8 weeks to settle into the new routine, same for bubs.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My DS was in daycare from 10weeks old (i know what ur thinking) but i had not choice, it was only for 2days a week then at 15weeks went 5days, he loves it i also have a 4month old DD who doesnt go to day care, my DS goes twice a week now and loves every minute askes me every day if its day care day.
Don't let anyone make you feel bad for putting your child in child care.

Your baby will know and love you. You are the most important person in her life. And I believe that you are doing her a favour by having her in child care.

She will develop socially so much better than someone that has not been in child care. Also the development will be superior compared to if she didn't go to child care. Just think of how much she will learn by being with children her own age and by the encouragement of the trained staff.

Try not to worry about any missed time with her, but rather focus on spending quality time with her when you are with her. And you might still be the first to see her milestones. I believe that since she will know that you are the most important person in her world, she will be more confident with you, and therefore "do the milestone things" for you first.

I was in child care full time (very common in Norway then and now) and I have always had a great relationship with both my parents. I think quality time is the key.

Good luck! smile.
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