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We were invited to a wedding in November and was told by the mother of the groom it was fine to take our baby. Now after organising our trip we live 7hrs away, we have been told people have been complaining because we are allowed to take our 5month old baby and they aren't allowed to take their children which apparantly are older. I'm still breastfeeding so didn't think it would be an issue.

We rang the groom and discussed this and he said the people with kids who are not allowed to attend their partners are staying home with the children instead of attending. I made the decision not to go not that I had much choice. What are everyones thoughts on this. My baby would have been fine she rarely cries and is really easy going. If there were tears I would have left the church or reception anyway. I am upset because I was really looking forward to seeing family members I haven't seen for a long time and cannot believe some people.
I can understand why people would complain. Even though your baby may not cry, it's fair to have the same rule for everyone. Either everyones kids can go or no ones. I guess you have to think if someones elses kids were allowed to go and not yours.

Sorry i have to disagree with the PP.
I know what you are going through as we have SIL wedding coming up and she said no children. Im not going to that. She hasnt even made an effort to come and see her only nephew (DS is now 6 months), so for her to turn around and so no kids, well too bad, no kids means no me! Not that she will be that upset LOL. Im getting married in 18 months and i couldnt imagine NOT having all the kids around! Some people are just funny, they seem to think if they have kids the attention wont be on them anymore, which is a load of BS!
At least you would of had the decency to leave if bub's played up! I have been to many wedding where they left their babies to scream through out the ceremony.
I know its hard, but dont worry about them!!! When you dont show up, everyone will be asking where you are etc, and if your hubby is going, or a close family member, they should say loud enough, she didnt come coz she wasnt allowed to bring bub etc etc.. Make them feel bad LOL
Chin up hun!!!

Thanks for that, I'm pretty much over it now. I can understand older children over 1yrs but I think if you are breastfeeding its an exception to the rule. I would never have a wedding without kids but thats just me. I love the laughter of kids at any function.
When I married, no kids were invited. Most parents saw this as a night off and had no issues with babysitters HOWEVER if someone invited had of asked us first to bring along a baby - I would have been more than happy for them to do so. There is a difference between having a "baby" who is dependant on you (ie b/f) to having "kids" who can be watched by someone else attend.

I think they are being very unreasonable.
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