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9 month hates vacuum cleaner noise Lock Rss

my 9 month old will scream everytime i turn the vacuum cleaner on, and when i turn it off she then settles down.
What can i do so i can vacuum again? (i have carpet and a husky (dog) who sleeps inside)
my DD use to be petrified of the vacuum cleaner (and anything else that made a loud noise) at first, i found the best thing i could do was to put her up in her highchair or in the pram while i vacuumed. i would also let her touch the vacuum when it was turned off to try to make her feel more comfortable with it. it took her a long time to over come her fear of the vacuum, as time went on she got better but it was well over a year before she would get down on the floor while it was turned on.
i remember my sis got my nephew to over come his fear of the vacuum by letting him sit on it as she vacuumed lol.

does bubs hate vacuum altogether? i ask as when i started to vacuum with ds, i would put him in cot so he was out the way & he screamed also. Last week we tried again but this time i left him in walker, & he was very happy, having a look at vacuum & being able to see & get to me

my ds is now 3 and he has only just started to not bother about it sometimes i used to my advantage he used to run to his room and go o sleep everytime i vacuumed lol when he would play up id say ile get the vac and soon settled down nasty i know but it worked

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oh and 1 of my 8 month twins hates it but if i put her in her sister cot with her she is fine

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

when jazz was a new born she liked it but as she got older she started to hate it,
i picked her up in one arm and vaced with the other and after a few times i just put her on the floor and now she trys to grab the vac as im moving it

these things take time sorry i cant really help!
hi thanks for all the advice.
she was fine with it when she was a newborn it's just happened recently.
I have tried putting her in the lounge room while i cleaned the bedrooms, but she still cried, i then tried putting her in the high chair while eating but she still cried.
she is fine when i have it out and not turned on, so i will try and hold her next time and also let her play with it while it's turned off.
do you think it will be traumatising if i did it while she is asleep?
i might add that when i held her i was dancing to music and moving the vac around the room, and vacume at the same time,
funny i know but it really helped and she was smiling as mummy was being silly and i think it took her mind off the vac hehe!

goodluck, you might be able to try it while shes asleep it might wake her up

also if you have a partner get your partner to hold the vacume and do it and you hold bubs and show her that its ok!!
Our bubs hated it from 5 months onwards.

In the end It got so frustrating so I decided to show her up close with the vacuum cleaner!!! I turned the suction right down so it wasn't too loud and just held my fingers over the pipe to make cool suction noises. She wasn't sure at first but eventually after a couple of attempts she wanted to touch to do the noises herself. She realised it was just a bit of wind and was harmless.

Now she happily sits right in the way and watches me work (not sure what was actually more annoying!!!!)

Thankfully she doesn't understand that it will probably hurt her when the cleaner is on full blast!
My DS is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner he would ride it if he could figure out how to do it. But the only thing I can suggest is try carrying your DD while you vacuum and as one of the PP's said dance/do something silly/funny or get your partner to vacuum while you hold DD or visa versa. Do it in short bursts and see how it goes.
My oldest (he's three now) only started relaxing around the vacuum at about 2 and a half.. He's still a bit nervous and will run away and jump on the couch when it's turned on, but no screaming at least. Just ride it out.. Agree with mum2daniel, hold bub and make funnies while vacuuming. This too will pass..

sounds like a good excuse to go out for a walk with bub and get hubby/partner to do the vaccuuming lol!!!!

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