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Activities for 6 months Lock Rss

Does anyone have any ideas for games/activities for 6month olds? My baby usually plays in her play mat (pulling things dn attempting to crawl on her stomach) but I think she may need some other things to do....other than singing and dancing to nursery rhymes, jolley jumper, a swing, ball game etc...

I was just about to do exactly the same post for an 8 month old when I saw yours! These aren't really 'activities' but we started to teach DD how to wave at around 6 months & it has now become a bit of a game. Every time either of us were holding DD we would wave at the other & say 'Hello Daddy!' until she copied us. Now she does it all the time. We also noticed she was starting to love banging on things so we got out some Bongo drums we had & got her a toy Xylophone - she loves the sound she is making! Peek-a-boo has become a bit of a favorite - around corners, or we put a face-cloth or something similar over her head & let her pull it off herself & say 'peek-a-boo!' (or any variation of that).

What else ...? We sit outside on a blanket & that alone usually entertains her ... We also do swimming lessons once a week & she loves the water. There's also a section on Huggies under 'fun & learning' that has some good ideas.

Have fun!
eli loved the fisher price treehouse with roll arounds, we also had the giraffe one with peek a blocks, aswell as the hippo with peek a blocks.

by 8 months he had the coordination to place the balls in the hole in the tree house. so i would recommend some older toys. possibly even get them for christmas coming up?
Thanks fot those ideas...sometimes you just get stuck! When did you start swimming lessons? I saw the 60mins doco last night talking about mums should drown proof their bubs at 6months! I just thought 6months is too young to teach them how to swim?! But I think I might inquire into it...
We just sort of fell into them - we started 'proper' lessons at 6 months, but I had wanted to get out of the house & was looking for 'baby & mum' activities at around 3 months. I found a Baby Play class at our local pool where they ran a fitness session for the mums with our babies there, a bit of first-aid and then half an hour in the pool. I just thought it would be a bit of fun, but while we were there we learnt about how high the toddler drowning rates are, so I just thought it would be best to start now. DD loves it & I would highly recommend it, you would probably be surprised how many babies are there!
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