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is a breastfeeding/rocking chair good? Lock Rss

just wondering if i should invest in one of these?

There is a thread about this in the newborn feeding section that might be worth a look at. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

I had one for DS1, but not for DS2.


i would say not to bother. I had one and only used it once or twice. now the cat sleeps on it at night. i tried to use it again when bub was 7 month old but i found she was too big to fit in comfy.

I have a leather one with matching footstool, 'Babyhood' brand, it's a glider/rocker. I would say you definitely need a lovely comfy chair to feed in, mine was a bit pricey but you could get a second hand one pretty easy. My kids are all good sleepers and I reckon it's cos I fed them in their own nice dark bedrooms!
I didn't get one and I'm glad. I can't bf DS in any chair with arms. As soon as his feet could touch the arms (which was surprisingly early) he would push madly against the arm with his feet, propelling himself forwards and taking my nipple with him.....ouch. Or he'd get distracted and want to look at what was touching his feet....grrr. I can feed him any where so long as there is nothing touching his feet (couch, bed, parkbench, floor....). Makes feeding difficult in parents rooms - all the chairs have arms! So I'm glad I didn't spend money on a breastfeeding chair.

I don't have an specific BF chair but I do have a great recliner my Hubby brought for me which is great.

The most important thing is to be comfortable, find a position that works for you.

I love my Swallow glider chair + footstool. They're available from babyco but I picked mine up second hand. It was excellent for the night time feeds in the nursery, and even though I'm not using it that much anymore as I'm no longer breast feeding we still use it mainly at night for a bottle feed.

I'm so glad I got one, I've also got the Babyhood glider with footstool. I use it for the night feeds and sometimes during the's really good for rocking bub's to sleep too.

i have a glider with the footstool as well and it has definately been worth the money!

At first we used it as a computer chair because i couldn't feed Ashlee in anything with arms (we had trouble feeding!) but now i love it!
she curls up in it and we are both so comfy.
Definately worth the money in my eyes.

Although on the con side - i have heard that rocking while feeding is not a good habit to get into. i usually sit still while feeding but its great to rock in to comfort bubs when upset!
we got one, its great for night feeds! although we only bf for 1 week, it is still so handy having it in his room, as all our living areas are down the back of the house and it is much easier just to change, feed and pop him back to bed without leaving his room. we also use it as a signal that it is bedtime. he has his last bottle of the day there and always gets sleepy when being rocked (although i had to be careful to not rock him completely to sleep as i didn't want to form a habit).

the chair rocks and swivels 360 degrees, and has a matching ottoman that also rocks with you when you have your feet on it. it is cream suede look fabric so we will be able to use it elsewhere in the house when DS doesn't need it in his room anymore.

we got ours from toys 'r' us for $280 on sale. one of the best purchases we made!

OUr bub was 11 wks premmie - 8 wks in hospital.
When she was in the hospital, we dontated one to the special care nursery as there were no comfy chairs to sit in. I spend hours upon hours upon hours in that chair. It was invaluable to me when espablishing breast feeding and just generally cuddling and loving our DD.
When I dame home, my huu sband asked me if we wanted one for home and I said that I didn't think so as we have nice comfy furniture at home.
DD is still in our room and I would sit up in bed and BF her. Once you are a few weeks in to the BF you can do it anywhere.
would lash out on getting a massage once a fortnight after you have had your baby a couple of weeks. Your back/neck gets sore!!

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