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End of Day Screaming Lock Rss

My 14 week old DS seems to get really unsettled by the end of the day. I have let him find his own routine and has in the last 2 weeks started sleeping through the night which is a dream, however - without fail he will scream his lungs out after a bath at the end of the day (usually between 5.30 and 6pm)He usually feeds around 4pm then might have a half hour nap etc he then becomes a little unsettled so I bath him - which he LOVES. He is fine for about 5-10 mins after a bath but then screams and I mean screams - red face, can't hardly breathe - tears rolling down his poor little cheeks - screams!! I then feed him (Formula)and he settles in for the night - I dream feed him around 10-10.30pm and he then sleeps till 5 or 6 the next morning. I have tried feeding him before a bath to see if this cures the screaming - but it does not matter - he will cry regardless on what I do - tried singing and cooing and talking .... has anyone else experienced this ?? Can anyone offer any suggestions?? I dont like to see him so upset - please help!!!

I would guess that your little boy might just be worn out by the end of the day. Both my girls would have late sleeps like your little one (in fact my 7 month old still does) but within an hour after her late sleep she is still knackered and ready for bed. I'm not sure there is anything you could really do is feed him again straight after his bath and put him straight to bed if he is happy to go (maybe make the 4pm feed a little smaller if he doesn't feed well for his next feed if they are close together. I still put my 7 month old to bed around 6.00pm each night as she can't last much later than this usually.

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My 5 month old does this too sleeps till 5.30- 6.00 and is generally whimpering and tired by about 6.30. Good to hear he's not the only one!
He does nap during the day, rarely does he have a good 2-3 hr sleep anymore so I guess thats why he is buggered by the end of the day - I know I am!! Thanks for the replies!

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