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Sleeping Bags Lock Rss

Can anyone please tell me where to get those sleeping bag pjs for my DS - I was given one by a relative but it is a winter one and I was hoping someone out there made summer ones aswell (ie lighter material but same design) I need them cause he doesnt like blankets and always kicks them off as soon as you cover him - no matter how long I wait till his little legs go down (hahahaha) PLEASE HELP!!!!

Dd has a grow bag I bought from David Jones. You can get others from taget as well.
I've bought my DD's grobags from Bambini Pronto. The 0.5 tog ones are the lightest weight you can buy. DD sleeps in one usually just with a singlet and nappy underneath, and if it's really hot, just a nappy. Depends where you are...but here in Brisbane I don't anticipate using anything other than a 0.5tog, even in winter. I will just put extra layers on under it if it gets very cold.

My sis in-law got me one from Pumpkin Patch.

i found that the bambini website is quite expensive. i bought our sleeping bags from myer. i looked everywhere and they were the only place that had them at the time. i got one without sleeves, one with sleeves, and we also have a couple of winter ones made out of tracksuit material (obviously they are not in use at the moment lol!). Most of the time i use the sleevless one at the moment and just dress DS according to the night weather underneath.

I get my grobags from HERE. Easy to order and best price around.

There are also Dream bags available through this site. I don't have one of these as I want a 0.5 Tog and they don't have the size I need until end of Feb, but they are cheaper.

Hope that helps!

They sell them in packs at Big W, Target and some K Marts. They have them in the polar fleece for winter and cotton for summer. They also sell them at Toys R Us!!!

My son is the same way, even as a newborn he hated being swaddled.

I got mine from Baby city, and Pumpking Patch - the patch one is 0.5 tog and was on sale the Baby city one is slightly thicker which is good for the 'normal' nights.

Checked out both sites - thanks for the info - might go with Dreambags - they look cute and are cheaper - thanks again!!

I live near Toowoomba QLD and have checked in both Target and Big W and cant find them in store - maybe I have missed them??? Checked in both stores recently in the Tweed Heads stores too (when on holidays over christmas) and they didnt have them either. Maybe I will have a better look next time I am in town and maybe ask one of the staff? Thanks for the info.

I have found them in all sorts of places. They are usually with the baby sheets/towels, sleep wear or quilts etc...

Sometimes I have even found them on the ends of ailes. But definatly ask a staff member - especially target, I have always found them very helpful.
I buy mine from Curly Tops Sleepwear They are fantastic. They come in summer and winter weights and 3 different sizes. They have lasted thru all 3 of my girls so you are getting quality for your money. So check out the site I swear buy them.

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