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Aaarrrggghhhh......Why won't she eat? Lock Rss

Hi all...I hope someone out there can help me.

I have a seven and a half month DD who doesn't seem interested in eating solids. We've attempted to start her on apple, carrot, pumpkin, potatoe, etc with Farex from 6 months but she doesn't seem that interested in eating.

She still takes 4-5 bottles per day and is putting weight on each week but I'm worried as she's just not that into eating solids.

A few weeks ago she started to show an interest and was eating 1 (sometimes 2) meal/s a day, but the last few days has resorted to not eating very much of offerings. What am I doing wrong? It's sooooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read on other posts that >6 month old babies are out there eating (and enjoying) their food like trojans....why not my DD???

I know all babies are different but.....I can't help feeling something is wrong.

Also, if it says to add 2 teaspoons of Farex with appropriate amount of breast/bottle milk which seems to look like alot more than 2 teaspoons is this still classified as 2 teaspoons of food?

Appreciate ANY advice to get me DD to eat more substantially.

This can get really frustrating when they dont want to eat. Does she have any teeth coming through? i know when my little man has teeth coming through he only wants bottles. Also there is a brand called Rafferty's it sounds gross but its spinach, peas apple and something else. My boy loves it!! maybe try that. They also do a breakfast cereal apricot and banana, they go down a treat too. Have you also tried letting her munch on a rusk? they only get the slightest amount off but are great. If you still have dramas maybe try your local health nurse, she would probably have some good tips for you.
Good luck smile Vicky
It sounds like she may not be hungry if she is having so much milk. My DS was not that interested in solids because he drank so much milk. I never really found him to be hungry before any meal.

At 7months I started to spread the feeds out so that there was 1 1/2 to 2 hours between milk and solids but I was told by my HCN that from 7months they only need 600ml of milk including yoghurt and milk on cereal. I think she said that a tub a yoghurt was about 200ml (I am not 100% sure I heard the yoghurt thing right). She also said to offer solids first. I am now trying to go down to 3 feeds as DS was having approx. 1L including yoghurt etc. I am now finding that he is actually hungry when offering solids and it helps a lot.

After reading more on the milk or solids first thing there is a lot of information out there on offering solids first from about 7months. Most of the parents here say that milk is more important until 9months but that is not completely true according to the HCN's. 600ml is quite a lot of milk still but the nutrients from the solids is also extremely important.

[Edited on 10/02/2009]
I had the same issue and now I have cut down her milk. She now gets up of a morning, I give her 3 scoops of farex with milk, 1 1/2 - 2 hours later give her a 200ml bottle and put her down for a nap. She gets up at lunchtime and I give her a youghurt and again, 1 1/2 - 2 hours later give her another 200ml bottle and put her to bed. She wakes up and I give her vegies for dinner and then 200mls of milk to go to bed for the night.

So I guess the shortened version of that is 3 meals a day with a bottle to go to sleep. I hope this has helped.

wow.... this sounds exactly the same prob i have with 7.5 month old daughter... we started on solids and did realy good we where having 2 measl a day... then we woke up 1 day and would not have a bar of them... i kept offering every day twice a day for 3 weeks, and omnly in the last 3 days she is eating. but only dinner se wont have breakfast or lunch.

i too was concerned the doc said not to worry she will eat when she is ready.. but i have had to keep her on the first stage of formula(not sure if you are formula feeding) because she wont getall the nutrients she needs from food yet.

so... so far so good but i have to wait till she is really hungry and starting to grizzle before i can offer food otherwise she wont take it.

hope that helps let me know how u go.
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