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breast feeding Lock Rss

does anyone elses baby get screamy after eating broccoli or cauliflower?.....(mum eating and breast feeding that is)
Hi, my 10 month old is bottle fed but when she has cauliflower for dinner the next morning after her poo her bum is always red, only when she has cauliflower, so there could be something thats giving them a reaction. just a thought. not much help.

thanks, its hard to tell how long after you eat something when it comes through the breast milk...does anyone know? he,s also at that age when it could be teeth so its kind of a guessung game
Def a food that can cause probs for bubs. Check kellymom they may have some advice.

My baby is 9mths old and everytime she eats broccoli for the next two days she's crying and screaming its horrible i had no idea what it was until i read this, i wonder what it is?
Also i breast feed
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