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Bonds easysuits..... Lock Rss

Is it just me or are they NOT easy??? i dont get it!!

lol yep they are definitely not easy! i thought i was going to pop DS's shoulder out of it socket! i have heard they are easier to use when bubs get a bit older and more "robust" IYKWIM, and you should get the size above what they normally are (which is the case with all bonds stuff)

i have boycotted bonds anyway, i now refuse to give them any more of my $$$ as well as all the other pacific brands products.

I certainly didn't find them easy - I was worried I was going to snap DS in half! We had one - the first time DH had to change DS when he was wearing it, he begged me not to put him in it again.

I bought heaps of them for my daughter (a November baby), but she was born with a dislocated hip and had to wear a Pavlik Harness for 12 weeks. Now, without the harness, I still can't get them on her and she's a tiny baby. I tried washing them, stretching, etc. I give up!
Hate them. There is no way that they are easy!
Easy, my big toe!! Maybe if you can tie yourself in knots!! I only have one and I refuse to use it.
Eery time I see some one look at them in the shops I warn them.... not easy!!

I bought one when my DD#3 was born and didn't like them. But you never know it might help them get into some more difficult yoga positions when they get older LOL!!
i was thinking the same thing, i bought a few when they were marked down to $5 at myer and kmart.... far out, you sure have to be limber to put those buggars on, however, once they are on i think they look so comfy, to bad it takes 1/2 hour of arms in legs and heads in sleeves to figure it all
I'm with a PP, I no longer buy bonds stuff, but I did get given two of these when DD2 was born in November. The first time I put one on her it took me almost 15 mins to get it on right, and 5 minutes later she shat herself, right up the back of the nappy and all over the bottom part of the easy suit.

So imagine this, having to take the damn thing off again, and of course the back bit is supposed to sit on their tummies when you are changing them, so she got poo from her back to on her tummy, leaving her little arms to wave around and get poo on them too, then I had to take the stupid thing off over her head (more poo in her hair)

I never bothered with the second one they both went into my 'give away clothes' pile.

I think they imagine that you are able to fold a baby in half to get the legs in! Not a lot of product testing went into that 'bright' idea.


I am with eveyone else, they are the worst baby outfits I have ever tried. And I am still laughing at your story nav, I am sure you didn't find it funny at the time though. I can remember how cranky I was the first (and last) time I tried to put the suit on my son, and I had no poo to deal with!
I was going to take pictures and send them to Bonds with a note that said 'Did a Man invent this?'

I was a bit grumpy at the time, but I have to laugh about it now! I am just glad I didnt jump on the hype bandwagon at the time and buy a full set for DD2! Probably the only time my hubby has ever been right about NOT buying something! =D just kidding!


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