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Anyone recommend a carseat?? Lock Rss

Hi all

My first time using the Huggies forum, so hope I'm doin it right! My gorgeous boy is just over 4 months old and quickly outgrowing his capsule. Any thoughts on good carseats?? I'm thinking perhaps Safe n Sound??

Suggestions welcome!!
Safe n Sound Royale - It has the extra head safety support which moves up and down. allows you to use the car seat longer.
Awesome - thanks for that. I know Farmers have a sale on till the wknd, so want to grab the right one!
Yeah safe n sound are good, there are heaps of different types personal choice what you like. Babylove are also really good and are a bigger seat so will fit small babies and older toddlers as well so you'll get great use out of it, plus very safe and comfy.

Gosafe, zuzu, and mothers choice are small model seats almost exactly the same they wont fit the child for long before there head will be right over the top.
Fantastic - thank you
Safe and Sound Meridian AHR is fantastic.

I have a SnS Meridian with the retractor seat belt and I love love love it!! I got it on special from my local baby shop for $489. It was excellent rear facing and my DS is 11 months n has been forward facing for 1 month and I still love it! I recommend it to everyone...well worth the small fortune

Mummy to 3 little goblins

We have a ZuZu carseat and it's rubbish!
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