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hi im going on a girls night out for the first time since bubs has been born. she is now 2 months. i have a feeling its going to be fairly big and was wondering about how long i have to feed my baby expressed milk for as im breastfeeding. thanx
My Doctor told me to treat it as if you were driving after drinking, although I am sure that some women on here will debate this. If you were to drive the next morning, you would wait till you were sober, if you were to drive after one drink, you would wait an hour etc. etc.

But....... I went out and bought a breast milk testing kit from the baby shop and it still showed alcohol in the system even when i thought it had been plenty long enough since drinking. Dr also told me that pump and dump dosnt work, although you will need to pump as you want to keep your BM up, he meant that pumping the BM out dosnt bring "clean" milk in unless you are sober, clear as mud????? Basically while ever there is alcohol in your system then there is alcohol in your BM so I would errr on the side of caution and maybe when you feel its time to feed - give bub one more expressed bottle just to be on the safe side. Please also be aware that apparantly woman who are breastfeeding have a lower tolerance to alcohol than woman who dont so I would suggest you drink some water wedgies! My first night out, I was smashed after three drinks. Oh and HAVE A BALL HUN!!!!!!!

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Im going to sound like such a terrible mum here but thought i would share..bub was 1 month old and i went out for hubby's 21st..i was expressing all night as i couldnt handle having sore breasts..I wasnt really sure how long i had to wait as i only had about 6 or 7 drink (although i was smashed off 4)..I stopped drinking at 1 in morning and fed bub at about 10 in morning and it definetely was passed onto him..He was ok but very very groggy, not wanting to open eyes and you could just tell that it all wasnt right..I say to be on the safe side wait a while, but dont let it ruin your'll feel when its right to feed bub again..just enjoy yourself smile
as with everything there is conflicting advice. I got told about the drving/breastfeeding rule too, then was told that that isnt true! and saw on the news that the testers are supposedly inaccurate.
When I was at my antenatal class the midwife said that alcohol will be in your milk for 24hours, so the last drink you have you have to wait a whole day to feed again. I did the same as pp and felt absolutely horrible havent touched a drop since and just hope that it doesnt cause any long term side effects!
You can always feed formula to make up for a feed if you havent expressed enough breastmilk.
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