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my son does not like... Lock Rss

my 10 week old boy is not getting used to his pram or car seat. i give him 10 15 minutes and then he becomes uncomfortable and starts crying. this makes it so much harder for us to go out and get some fresh air. does anybody else have the same problem? or even a solution? this has made me afraid of even walking down to the supermarket tongue
I had exactly the same problem with my DD. When it comes to the car we only had a happy baby when either myself or DH sat in the back with her so I can't really help you there.

With the pram I changed it from the baby carriage to the seat at 11 weeks. She never sat straight up but on a recline and loved her pram ever since then. Is your pram one that lays bubs completely flat?? Maybe he just wants to see whats going on like my nosey lil daughter.

good luck

my DS was not super keen on the pram until I put a car seat liner in there ... this allowed him to snuggle in and not move around as much so he felt more secure.

He always cries when I put him in the car seat cos the seat is cold!!! so make sure bubs is nice and warm and feels really secure ... this might help. also I find singing songs to him when putting him into a situation he isn't comfortable relaxes him and he gets used to it faster so try that
ill try reclining the seat in the pram. i havnt tried it yet coz im scared he's just going to flop around under the seatbelt (first time mother, 10 week old son smile

and as for the car seat, ive been singing every song he likes. im hoping once we turn the seat around to face the front he would be a little more settled. it is still back to front. how old was your bubs when you turned the seat to face the front?

My daughter hated the carseat in particular too, it was awful having to take her anywhere. I also tried everything, but fortunately once she was around 4 months old she got over it. Now she loves going in the car (she's 8mo now).

So, if nothing works for you, hopefully it's just a matter of time.
Hi there,

I think I posted this advice somewhere else and a couple of people said that when their babies began to self settle the problem was solved - so could be right.

I was listening to a baby whisperer on one of those morning shows and her theory re: babies that cry in the car seat or pram was as follows -
She said that the rocking of the car or pram will usually send a baby to sleep and if a baby is usually rocked in their parents arms they can become very upset about falling to sleep when they are not in the arms. (I hope this makes sense). So I am not sure if your DS is able to self settle? If this is not the case - hopefully it is one of those things that will improve with time.
Good Luck

I had the exact same problem with my son. It was suggested to me by the health nurse to get his back checked, and it turned out his back was out from the birth process. A few adjustments later (no cracking involved) and he now loves the pram and car seat. Well worth checking it out!
Or maybe putting some toys near him either that conetc to the car seat/pram or just something he can hold onto on his lap that might help get him to think about something other then being in the car seat. It helps my DS when he is uncomfortable to play with something
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