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Circumcision under general anaesthetic - those who have done it Lock Rss

I don't wish to start a debate on whether or not boys should be circumsized as I know it can be a sensitive topic.

However, my little boy is going in to have it done under general anaesthetic in a few weeks and I am interested to hear from parents who have been through this with their little boys. How was the healing period afterwards as far as pain & how did you manage the pain? Did you find it difficult with bubs wanting to sit/ roll onto his tummy? Was the fasting prior to the operation difficult? Any words of advice to help me prepare would be much appreciated. DS will be 7 months old.
hi, we had ds circumcised at 10 months under a general. he had the plastibell. ds did not react well to the ga and was quite hysterical for about 1.5 hours after. the dr said it is quite common for this to happen. it may not with you but just thought i would let you know cos i was shocked at how he was given back to me.

Recovery was relatively easy, just make sure you keep putting the cream on a pushing and pulling the skin to prevent it from reattaching to the penis. (this is what happened to us and ds (now 2 years old) has to be 'redone' this friday. so make sure you do that because you dont want to have to go through it all again.

rolling etc was no problems at all. everynow and then at a nappy change he would give us a look like 'that is hurting' but it really was quite pain free for him afterwards.

Ds appointments was/are at 7am (check in) so the first time around, no probs at all fasting wise. i did take bottles though so he could have something as soon as he was able to after the procedure.

no advice, just a good luck and i hope you have someone coming with you cos it is a little scary seeing your son being put under ga.

eta that we kept givin ds panadol for the fist dew days...
[Edited on 08/11/2009]
My son was dpne at 4 weeks my first son was done at 6 weeks (the doc changed the time frame from 6 to 4 weeks) im in sydney and i had both of them done by Dr Peter Bell in Castle Hill, he is great, i was told there is no need for Panadol as there is no fever or anything like that involved so giving it would be a waste of time.
Brodie and Aarin both had no complications at all.
Good Luck..


Thanks for the advice, I had intended to go on my own while my hubby minded our older son but have now made other arrangements so he can come with me!

Mumto2Ts, I hope everything went well with your boy's second op!

he is home recovering now the poor little guy. it is hurting him a bit this time around. i am just going to wish this week away so that he will be all better in no time.

and definately take you hubby with you, it is not something you can do on your own. ds had the same reaction to the general as he did last time. it is quite distressing to experience but just remember that it is not from any pain but from the drugs. after one hour he just stopped like magic.

good luck.
we had our little boy done at 17 months and the hardest thing was when he got put under. I didnt want to go with him(coz I knew i would cry too much) so DH went with him. I was there when he woke up.
At first he didnt notice it but by day 2 he did. Getting him into the salt bath was a real struggle as you can imagine it hurt so much. So i would hop into the bath with him and hold him and slowly made him sit down. With each day it did get easier.
Another pointer is to stop it sticking to the nappy place a piece of clin film over his penis loosely. This stop it sticking to the nappy.
Overall it healed up in about 7-10 days.

It can be quite hard at times seeing him crying and screaming coz it hurts but Im glad we had it done.

My little man is now 3 and all is good.

Hope this helps a little
We got our little man done at four weeks. The initial pain wave was the worst with the crying and that but after that he had panadol to sleep the first night and nothing after that. I hope that your little man is recovering well.

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