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Why all the YELLING? Lock Rss

I dont even know which section to put this probably VERY strange post in! My little boy's first 2 teeth (bottom) showed up a week and a half ago and he hasn't stopped screaming since (I dont mean crying... i mean ear piericing Yelling) I don't understand it - is it the teeth? or the fact he's 8mths and trying very hard to start crawling? is he frustrated? the only thing him stop is to sing or feed him! help!! please tell me this is phase and my normally very contented QUIET little boy will b back soon!!
Your post is not strange at all! My now 10month old DS did exactly the same thing for about a month. He would always choose to screech as loud as he could when we were in the supermarket, the bank, the doctor's or any other place where it is mostly quiet!!! I think he just discovered that he could squeal and was delighted by the reaction he got.

I learned to ignore both the screaming and the looks from other shoppers in the supermarket and he eventually discovered something else to do! good luck smile
If its not crying out from pain then I would say the same as PP. My 10mth old discovered high pitched and practices when ever he gets the chance esp to get peoples attention. He has also discovered mini tantrums (which I find hard not to laugh at as he lie flat on the ground crying over the silliest things) I am just ignoring him for the moment as discovered that the new skills he gets (and gets transfixed on) that are annoying stop after about a week if he gets no reaction.
If its a pain cry then could he still be teething. My little man has just got 6 teeth in the space of a month (he now has 8) and we have just had the week from hell. Apart from hislittle tantrums hes not a cryer, but the last night and day has screamed for no reason and been inconsolable. then out came another tooth and he was fine
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