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Water for formula on flight from Australia to New Lock Rss


I am taking my baby who is formula fed to New Zealand soon. Can I take boiled water through customs for the formula?
In the past I have had water taken off me going through customs - this was when I was going through on my own and without a baby.
Also can I bring water through New Zealand customs once I get there?
It is not clear on the customs website if cooled boiled water used for baby formula is aloud through. It says baby food can be taken through but doesn't mention the water - a bit confusing!

Thanks smile
[Edited on 01/02/2010]
[Edited on 01/02/2010]
I took my then 3mth old to canada and america with air canada. The customs in every airport (9 flights to be exact) allowed me to take boiled water through as long as it was for the baby (eg could not take juice for me). So it should be fine. Just a reccommendation from my experience get some old water bottle (I took lable off) or something that will seel well and put the appropriate amount of water in them instead (think i needed two 700ml bottles for 24hr flight) instead of the baby bottles (I used milton to sterilise the bottles- milton tablets in water were a lot easier than the steam steriliser for travelling as all the places we stayed had no microwaves) I had the water in my sons bottles for the first flight and not only did the pressure change cause the bottles to leak everywhere! it also wreaked the bottles.
I dont see why it would be an issue to take boiled water through. I always declared the formula (thinking it is kind of a milk product) but it was fine (even coming back to oz which is pretty strict re customs) so I doubt boiled water would be an issue.
good luck for the flight and enjoy your trip.
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