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baby sample bags Lock Rss

do you find baby sample bags useful? getting free products is cool, and information thats useful, does anyone get any? or know where to get one?
You can get the free bounty bag from Target for new babies, you just need to go to the bountybag website to download the redemption voucher. Inside are sample wipes, sample huggie nappy, information and I also go a kids cookbook.
i want a bounty bag to but we can only get them from 2 chemist in town so im going to try and get one on Friday smile i'll tell you how good, useful and all that smile
I got the first two bounty bags from my local chemist, and will absolutely collect the third from target after bubs is born. Full of samples. Some good basic info for first time mums like me. And target discount vouchers aswell. If your able to get them, absolutely grab them. No harm in some freebies and vouchers smile
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