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Msg from Christobelle Lock Rss

Hi all,
Christy has asked me to let you all know that she has been in hospital for the past couple of days. Early labour signs including some hefty contractions kicked in and she went in for monitoring and has now been admitted. She has been given lots of medication to stop the labour progressing and they have eased in frequency but not in strength so are yet to work effeciently. She has also been given steroids to help develop baby's lungs. They are monitoring her closely and could end up transferring her to a NICU about 4hrs away from her home. Very scary and very exhausting for her. Will keep you updated as she asks me to.
yep she told me that too. Stay put little man!!!!

Praying for you Christy xxoo
Have been thinking of you all day. Stay put little man. Will pray for you both!!!

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