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"Your baby can read" Anyone tried it? Lock Rss

The other issue is that the brain is more elastic in the first 5 years of life ... the basis of most peoples speech abilities is formed by 5 and the level achieved at this age reflects on performance later in life ... if we wait until our children go to school to learn some of these skills we 've missed a period where they can learn so much.
It annoys me that someone is trying to make money from putting more pressure on parents to teach their babies something that is not necessary at such an early age. Reading books to children from an early age is very important but teaching them to read using flash cards and by watching dvds is ridiculous. Learning through play is the best way for children to learn. They have enough to learn about life let alone bombarding them with flash cards etc.
When do they just get to be children? I don't think letting your child learn about the world around them through play means you're just being a baby sitter until they go to school.
There are studies that show that there is no advantage to teaching a child to read at a really early age. If they are taught properly at school they all catch up in the end anyway.
Don't waste your money, just read them books whenever you can and let them be children while they can.
I would like to say I bought mine when my baby was 3 months old he is just about 7 & half months old now. He knows when he wakes that's the first thing he does & get's very ecited when it comes on in the morning he is trying to make sounds now he really enjoys learning the songs like Old MacDonald's Farm & Twinkle Little Star & all the animals & what they are called ect. It's the best investment I've made for his future & it only cost $59.90 a month for 5 months from TV Shop + the trial payment of $19.90 so total $319.40 The way my partner & I look @ it at least this way by starting him young hopefully we won't have to spend huge amounts in the future with a private tutor! + with the school's having such large class sizes it is hard for a staggling child to get one on one attention if they are behind I know I was one of them left behind so I'm going to make damn sure my little one won't be.. I don't think it could ever be to late to start it could only be of benifet if you search on face book I found a page Your Baby Can Read or search the net they have posted video's of children of different ages doing the program. I also found a page on called Disney DVDS selling it for $36 which is such a good price. I'm currently doing reserch into the follow on programs for older children & one that teaches to count, colours, shapes ect.
My child started the Your baby can read programe when he was 18mths old. He is now 2yrs 4mths. He can read every word in the program plus hundreds more. He can count, knows colours, most of the alphabet and concepts beyond his age. I put this down to this programe that has taught him to love learning. And there are also things that he doesn't understand yet but he will when he is ready too. It just takes encouragment and praise when your gets it right or tries. There was a period of 3-4 mths he was not interested in it any more so we stopped. Then he asked to watch the dvd and read the books so we do when he wants to. He also watches lots of tv and movies like cars and thomas the tank engine along with the Your baby can read dvds. In fact he watches way too much tv which the progame says not too. He plays with his toys, paints, colours, loves being outside and goes to play group with his friends. He is a normal kid.

To say this is a bad thing to do to your child is ignorance when you have not tried it your self. If my child goes to school and can read and count and other kids cant it just means he can and they can't. He is no better than them and I am no better than their parents. He will still be a kid like them.

There is nothing wrong with encouraging your child to learn as long as you listen to your child and don't make them do something they don't want to. I recommend this programe to everyone. You don't have to buy the programe you can do it your self by buying flash cards and reading to your child even pointing out objects and colors etc is teaching your child.
I'm in agreement with those who have said that it is beneficial for a child to learn to read before it starts school. I could read at age 3 but, although that might be unusually young, I can remember when I started school that at least half the class could already read (this was overseas). So actually, if the ones who can't read are in the minority, then they're obviously the disadvantaged ones! The school I attended for the first three years of primary school had three classes for each year and I don't know if they were streamed by ability, but I do know that within each class the children were then streamed into groups - as I believe is reasonably common - so if the child is always working with children of a similar ability, then why should it be detrimental for a child to have already learned to read? They aren't going to be bored as the others will be at the same level. I had an awesome time at that school. (I then changed schools and had completely the opposite experience so in fact did not achieve overly well throughout my school career, but this was because of the new school and its system, not because I could read when I started school!)

My DD is 23 months, of course I haven't started actively trying to teach her to read, but I read to her every night and she can recognise a few words. She knows the alphabet, which she has learned at daycare - I haven't taught it to her - I mean seriously, what am I supposed to say to the daycare, "no don't teach her that!"

However, I do plan on trying my best to ensure that she can read by the time she starts school. I will continue to read to her and I will use flashcards, and whatever I think might help.

BUT ... I will not be purchasing Your Baby Can Read. It is so not worth the money. It doesn't include anything that you couldn't make or else purchase very cheaply. Someone mentioned the Parents Guide being very helpful and I bet it is, but I also bet that it doesn't contain anything that you couldn't find out for free if you were prepared to put a few hours in googling the subject.
I bought this for my son last year and within a couple of weeks he could read some of the words. I could write the words on paper and he knew what they said. He was only 15 months so couldnt talk but would point at his nose mouth eyes etc. As he started to learn to talk we realised he could read all the words. Now my son is 2 yr 4months and he can count to 20 in english, to 10 in spanish and maori, sings heaps of songs, knows his abc's, knows every shape you can think of and points them out to us wherever he sees them (eg food shapes and pics in book he manages to find semi circles and parallelograms etc). He LOVES learning and can now read basic sentences in books. I would rather my children were ahead at school than left behind. Schools nowadays dont put enough importance on spelling, handwriting and other basic areas so I'm glad i could give my son a head start and i will be starting the newest addition to the family on the dvds at 3 months which is what they recommend.
My aunty and Uncle have just started their little boy on this product he is 11 weeks old and he absolutely loves it. I have watched him watching it and he doesn't take his eyes off the TV while its on. He watches it for 15mins in the morning and 15mins in the arvy. Not too long and if he's enjoying it then why not.
Hi guys, I'm about to have my first child and was reading up on 'your baby can read' packages on line. I don't know where everyone got $400 from as the most expensive deluxe package is $299 on and both my husband and I have decided we will purchase that closer to our boy being 3 months and start from there.

I, personally, don't see any disadvantage in starting to teach my child how to recognise words and actions, speak and read early. In fact we are planning on teaching our son a second language from birth too as I am bilingual. My husband is a psychologist and both him and I are studying to be doctors and we strongly believe that learning to recognise words, speak and read from a earlier age is only beneficial to the child. I want our kids to excel at school and be at the top of the class and I know that that takes work and time and effort and I am prepared to try this deluxe 'your baby can read' package in the hope that everything that we want for our first baby will happen smile.
I think this system is basically about repetition; if that is the case, then it would not teach children about the fundamentals of reading, such as phonemic awareness, one to one correspondence or even recognising the letters of the alphabet. Some words need to be learnt purely by sight, hence they are called sightwords, which this program would work well for.
You can do activities with your child at home to promote reading. Simple things like learning the letters of the alphabet, learn it in sequence first and when your child is confendent pick letters at random to help with quick referencing of letters. Learning letter sounds is really important too, just pick a letter or two a week and focus on the sound of that letter. There is a good song called 'ants in the apple' (I'm not sure if you can find it on youtube), the song goes through all the letter sounds and is really catchy. When you are reading you can point out simple words and help your child to break them apart and sound them out.
I work in education and I can assure you that the kindergarten children I had that could read before arriving at school did not have this program. It is a matter of sitting down with your child and teaching them the basics. The internet is suchg a great tool that if you are not sure what activities to do you can search for ideas.
Also another thing to consider is comprehension, some children are really brillant readers, but have no idea what they have read. If you are doing activities with your child on reading instead of following a program, you can question them to help to build their comprehension.
I am a teacher and I have spent the past few years teahing preps. I'm not going to comment about this product as I don't know much about it, but I was interested in reading ppls opionions. My biggest concern in the classoom these days is not so much about decoding words, but its childrens ability to read with flueny, expression and comprehension. I also know that a big issue that comes out in the Naplan testing is vocabulary and chn not understanding the words they read. I have many chn that start school that can read hundreds of words but they don't read these words fluenty or necessarily understand what they've read. The best thing is reading to them and modelling great reading. Then talk about what you've read. You also need to read a varity of book types- many chn come to school without ever seeing a non-fiction book.

Sorry i could keep going on - I love teaching, especially literacy and I love working alongside parents to bring out the best in their children.
i have never used the "my baby can read", it may work. however, you can do the same thing in your own home for free. if you are consistent with what you do, it will work. i used to follow the seasme street letter of the day, and continue it on for the day. we would do colouring in of the letter, trace it, find matching obects e.t.c i also used flash cards daily (stay at a home mum)my daughter said 28 words and knew 5 animal noises at 18 months check, she is now 6 weeks off turning 3, and can write the letter of her name, using a pencil.
i think products like "my baby can read" may help, but a lot of it comes down to how much time you spend teaching your child too.

I was just watching an infomercial about the "your baby can read" system, sounds too good to be true so I was just wondering if anyone has done it/bought it that can give me some opinions on whether they thought it was worth the money?

hi i actually havent used it but have been told that they dont actually "learn"to read they just recognise the words. to me reading and writing go together you cant learn to read without writing and vise versa! i have no objection to it but if you feel comfortable with it go for it
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