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"Your baby can read" Anyone tried it? Lock Rss

My mother taught me to read before I started school using flash cards (during early 80's). Although I could read I was certainly no more intelligent than the other kids. The teachers would get me more advanced books to read. I was always in advanced reading classes and then in the end I plateaued and the other kids caught up. I think it's a great thing to do, why not give your kids a great start. Btw, just because some kids can read better than others doesn't mean they can comprehend what they are reading, comprehenstion is also tied in with emotional intelligence.
Hey, I have used this with my 2 year old son. He can read a few words now. But moreso it has improved his language skills so much. He is also very very interested in words, reading and books after reading it.
I bought it from this website for about $200 NZD for the entire set. They delivered quite quickly and we have watched it everyday since.
I have used 'Your baby can read' since she was 6 months. My daughter is now 13 months and loves watching it and speaking the words and showing where her hair is lol (as an example). I would recommend it. I am actually trying to see if there are any other dvd's out there. I really recommend it.
I teach my 2 yrs old Boy and my 3 yrs old girl to read.
There's lots of program to show you how!
Here's a FREE E-book for you to show you the method :
Hi. Anyone has a complete set of Your Baby Can Read for sale? Very keen, so let me know. Thanks! - Ila
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