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Hates it when I leave the room Lock Rss

I'm sure this is VERY common and probably a million posts about this, but just looking for some advice.

My 8 mth old DS just hates it if I leave the room to leave him to play. It's not necessarily just if 'I' leave the room it's whenever he is left alone.
He is fine when left with anyone, happy at day care when I leave, so it's not really an issue with separation from me, he just likes to have some one with him at all times.
We have a large open plan lounge dining kitchen area so it's not like he is being left unattended, I can still see him but I'm not sitting right by his side.

Any suggestions on working through this?? What have you tried?

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My daughter was exactly the same and Im sorry to tell you that she is now 16months old and is exactly the same, though now she can follow me! We also have open plan so its not like shes left alone but she used to hate it if i wasnt right with her and even now she will be playing nicely but if I leave the room she comes too, she wont stay playing on her own. I just accepted it to be honest - all kids are different and some play on their own, some dont smile My daughter was really cranky until she could walk (luckily started at 10months) and once she got that independance she was like a new child so you will prob find once he can follow you he will be much happier!
I had this problem with my ds1 when he was 6 months,the clinic nurse told me to play lots of peek a boo and role play as in put hats on,masks etc as they realise mum will go but come back??? not sure if that helped but also she said when he wakes in the morning or from sleeps,unless he is upset leave him for 5 to 10 mins by himself and get him used to alone time,last but not least if you do have to leave him,like you said my house is open plan,call out.For example if im loading the dishwasher i sing out nursery rhymes,play peek a boo over the bench or when he starts to whine call out his name and say mummys right here bubba.

I hope this helps,bubs should slowely grow out of this or as pp post says some bubs are just like this,in that case as i do sometimes i have a small,light portable bouncer and that gets shifted around the house with me.Makes cleaning etc longer but better than a sad bub or a dirty house lol

I hope one of theses suggestions work.
Thanks so much for this great advice. I have been playing heaps of peek-a-boo with him and this seems to have worked a charm. He has been playing a lot happier, and now if the phone rings or I have to leave the room for something he doesn't scream the house down.

Thanks for the great replies. gasp)

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