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Hi there have not been on here since forver, but does any one have any tips on the best way to fold and deliver them?
We have 4 children wanting to earn pocket money so wish me luck and please leave me some advice lol ;0)
I did this when I was younger for pocket money, and can I just start by saying- slave labour! Omg the pay was pittance! Don't know if it's changed now, that was 10 years ago. I got about $2.60 per pamphlet. Took about 2 hours to fold and collate on average and about 3 1/2 hours do deliver. So 5 1/2 hours all up. Therefore if we only got 1 pamphlet that week the pay was essentially less than 50 cents and hour... I usually would get 6 different pamphlets though, so about $2.85 an hour. Still not much, even for a 12 year old.
However, the money did add up and I eventually had a nice little bank balance going.
I used to stuff as many pamphlets as I could into a backpack, I delivered in the area we lived in. I would get a map of the area you are delivering in and mark out a route, so you can avoid any backtracking. Dad usually helped with the folding, can I suggest you use a heavy bottom glass to get the creases in, otherwise your hands and fingers get very sore!!
Deliver as many different catalogues/brochures as possible! We usually get 6 or more at any one time. And they come rolled up and held together with a rubber band. I like it this way cause it's neat and easily fits in most letter boxes.

Like the previous poster said though, I imagine the pay will be shocking!

I saw this on the Target site today:
We did this in our previous town. Started out as crap pay but asked for a pay rise and got one! We just folded then all in half while watching telly etc and inserted them into each other, placed them in enviro bags to carry. When we went to put them into the letterbox we took the inside ones out of the outside one as we weren't allowed to deliver them like this. Though it would be easier and neater. After you do it for a little while you'll find the best route and it'll get easier and quicker.

And its great for teaching kids work ethics and earning a bit more $$$ so well done!

Thxs for the tips guys and yes its more about the exercise and money ethics for the kids but yeah wish pay was better lol.
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