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  5. Anyone know how to use the lilypie thingy

Anyone know how to use the lilypie thingy Lock Rss

But how do you add it to your comments and where do you store it? Sorry to ask everyone but they look so cute and want to use it.


I still havent worked out the lilypie one but the one thats on mine is OK. All you do is click on it, another page should pop up and you fill in the details of your due date etc then copy the code that it gives you.

Once that is done you then go to "PROFILE" on huggies, then "edit profile" and then "Change Signature" and paste the code there and save changes.

I hope this helps smile
Thanks for replying, still trying to work it out but not successful at all, will keep trying. Thankyou


I just did it...WOOHOO!!!!

Set it upon the lilypie website then click on the forum ticker PsuedoHMTL...copy and paste the formula to your huggies signature and bingo...there it is...good luck.
My gosh I cant believe it, I just did it. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW


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