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Car seat horror!!! Lock Rss


I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced what I'm going through with my baby at the moment.

As soon as his bottom hits the car seat he just screams and screams and it doesn't stop until we get to our destination and by that point he has got himself so worked up it takes 15min or so to calm him down.

I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do - it's gotten to the point where I dread having to go anywhere and only go out if I have to.

I've tried the mirror, toys hanging, he's blankie that he sleeps with. I always make sure he's fed and dry before we go. I just don't know what else to do. He's done it since day one and he's 13wks now.

I'm open to trying ANYTHING if anyone has any suggestions.


Alicia QLD Mum of one Princess & two Princes

we've had a similar experience with our DD and now probable 60% of our car trips are scream fre...we tried a whole lot of different things in the same week so not sure if its one thing or all combined but is a massive improvement so not willing to take anything away:

*loosen the straps on the car seat so that one finger comfortable fits between bubs shoulder and the strap
*baby mirror over the back of the seat facing bubs (has an elephant on the top. Got from toys r us
*we hung a lamaze pram toy between the straps of the car seat (its hard and has velcro on either side. Got it from Myer
*we also hung a hanging toy from the hang-up thing above the window. Got from big w

Also if she is having an unsettled day either my dp or I will sit in the back with her.

hope something works for you i know how awful this is

We encountered the same thing with DD, although only on long trips (5 hours). We now only travel together with me in the back seat with her and we have heaps of toys to keep her occupied. She is also much happier to be in the seat now that we've turned her around and she can see us. (She is 10 months). I think a mirror would be a good thing so he can see himself. I also found that DD was hot in our seat so tried to make her less warm and the ride a bit softer.
yes, not on short trips to start with but the longer ones definitely, we bought DS a DVD player which worked absolute wonders.


Just wanted to let you know I feel your pain! My DD was exactly the same since day 1 would scream NON STOP in the car whether it be a 5 min trip or an hour to the city. I remember everyone saying "if you ever have problems putting her to sleep do a lap around the block kids always fall asleep in the car" well I certainly did not get that child tongue To be honest I dont have any sure fire ways to help as not much did for us even at nearly 2 she is not perfect in the car but a portable DVD player also worked wonders for us so I suggest as soon as DS is 6 months and you turn the seat around invest in one! Another thing that helped slightly when she was that young was the toy bar that went over the seat, she could just reach it and it would keep her quite for small stints. Other than that try and save long trips for when Daddy is home and may be able to sit in the back to keep DS company as that also helped smile Goodluck as I know how incredibly distracting it can be.
Oh, Im cringing!! my 6 week old is the perfect match! she has done the same thing and its terrible! unless she is completely asleep we have to suffer the blood curdling screams for the entire trip, gets herself all hot and bothered and im affraid she is going to overheated or make herself sick. I have found that the point in which she starts screaming was not being placed in the seat but her arms being slipped into the straps. the only thing that i can do that sometimes works is losen the straps, place her arms in and do up the buckle then tighten the straps around her rather than bending her arms to fit in. the other thing that got her attention was her bunny rug placed over the headrest of the seat in front of her, i think because it is so bright with big pictures on it she found it interesting and she focused on it. otherwise planning ahead and making sure our outings are in line with her sleeps! Even still she does not approve with red lights and wakes up if the car is still for too long! anyway i hope you find something that works soon, i feel your pain!
We had the same All I could do was count down to the day we could turn her around and from that point onwards no problem....with my dd2 she likes sitting in the middle so she can see out of car hates being behind a seat....and we always travel long distances

good luck

OMG.. i know exactly what thats like. My now 10 month old son was exactly like that, he would scream his little lungs out every time he went in the car, was terrible. I was to scared to leave the house on my own. He screamed when his bottom hit the seat, he has never fallen asleep in the car or anything. he is just now getting better and will now travel short distances in the car without screaming but nothing helped. He has been turned around for awhile but even that didn't help, sometimes it made it worse as he could see me.
Hope it gets better for you.

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