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cough.. Lock Rss

My daughter is 13mths and has been about 2 weeks being sick, theyb said it was just a virul infectuion so we put her on anti bioates and now it's been 7 days and still has this nasty cough. It's really bad during the time she is a sleep and then at night time. We have the vipasour on in ther room. HOw do i know what the cough means? I know there has been croup going around what does that mean though how do you know?
7 days and still coughing, go back to the doctors, or see a new one. antibiotics should be effective after 2-3 days.

You would know if it was croup. It is a horrible seal bark like cough, very distinctive. Took DS to after hours night before last as he woke up coughing, was sure it was croup, but took him anyway as have a 3 week old and was worried about it being contageuos. He was given a steriod to help open his throat and a syringe and saline to rinse his nose before bed.

It could be a post viral cough. In which case there is nothing to do but wait it out. I would take her to the doctor though, just to be sure...
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