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baby monitor..recommend please Lock Rss

hi, please recommend a baby monitor please
my sister in law used the angelcare monitors for her 2 kids, they were awesome

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i use the oricom secure 500

I use Tommee Tippee but find that it loses reception, also picks up static causing the alarm to go off. Freaked me out a couple of times. I found that it only works in two parts of the house, fortunately it works in our bedroom so we can hear him at night. Annoying though as I can't hang the washing out until he's awake.
i have a oricom secure with a little tv screen. Reception is awesome and u can see on the screen that bubs is safe. Highly recommended!

We have a Fisher Price Sounds and Lights monitor. It sometimes has static but I love that it constantly transmits, meant that I could always here my son breathing during the night (just turned up the volume and waited). My parents have the Philips one and I hate that it only picks up and transmits louder noises like crying etc. I would feel like I would still have to go in the room all the time.
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