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Choosing the right pram!!! Rss

New on here.
Just looking at the overwhelming choices of prams and wondering if anyone can offer advice on what they think might be best. The main requirements I have are:
- can go on rough gravel driveway and roads that arent super smooth
- folds to reasonably small size (I only have a sedan not a 4WD)
- comes with newborn option (basinet or similar)
- option for seat to face me (backward)
another thing I would like but is not so important is storage underneath.
I like Mountain buggys but just wish baby could face you when they are out of basinet. I like xplory but not enough storage room. I like steelcraft strider but they are so big!! Why can't I find the right one???
Hi! I had the same trouble and did alot of research.
I now have a Phil and Teds sport. It isn't perfect but I love it. However; if i had the money I would have bought a city mini elite by baby jogger. They fold beautifully and easily, are compact and come with all the extras. They can do everything you require - so long as you buy the right accessories - plus they can have a toddler seat.

the phil and teds sport is better for rougher terrain but you would need to purchase the sleeping bag if you want baby facing you. Also, the model i have requires the parm to be empty for the backrest to be adapted.

If you want something that does absolutely everything you can't beat the strider PLUS travel system however it is bulky. You wouldn't be able to fit it through an ordinary checkout, and it takes up some room if you fold it with seat attached. check out the strider website for full demo videos.

There is no pram on the market that doesn't have any flaws. All of them have a something that you wont like but the more you spend the lesser problem you will have - generally speaking.

Try for good prices. Also when you do find one you think you like google it to find some reviews. and are the two of the best because they are written by actual mums.

good luck!!

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Hi there, I have a Mountain Buggy Swift and I LOVE it! Did you know that they have a "window" on the top so you can see bubs even if they are facing forwards? I had the Carrycot to go with it, he napped in it in the lounge when he was a newborn but we didn't use it much out walking as he preferred to sit up and look around even from a young age. It is really hard to find a pram that has everything! smile

I think you should buy the Mountain Buggy. i don't think you will regret it. Friends of mine have them and they are cool especially the Urban Jungle cos they are as wide as a p & t now. I have a Phil & Teds Sport which I love but if I just had the one I think I would have a mountain buggy. Neither of mine have ever had any problems not facing me, they're too busy looking around at the world. If you are just planning on having one Mountain buggy all the way. If you plan on having two close together phil & teds (mind you MB are bringing out a pram with a toddler seat, no release date as yet).
i too searched and searched! I bought the strider 4 and after bubs was 4 months old, decided I was NOT happy

I investigated and found a maclaren GRAND TOUR LX> This pram faces forwards and back, lays completely flat and has a infant carry cot insert, comes with loads of extras, has SUPER suspension....even comes with lights and thermometer...and clock!

I pull the seat off, place it in the back seat of the car, and then pop the (light) frame in the boot. This is a roomy, sturdy pram....not a lightweight flimsy one. It retails for $2,000, but...........

because of the cost, no one could afford it. So MAclaren sold them off and they are clearing them out on Deals Direct for $699 plus 20 bucks postage!!!! Check out maclaren grand tour LX on rocks! I LOOOOOOVE mine! And so does bubs

Even with all the prams on the market out there...I still don't think we can ever find THE perfect pram! I really wanted a pram to face me, but when I looked (early 2009) found that they did not ride as smooth as the jogger style prams and the seats seemed very small for toddlers. I have seen so many toddlers and their heads are well up the top of the seat.
I ended up with a Baby Jogger City Elite. I cannot fault it with the huge sun canopy , easy pushing and nearly flat recline for sleeping...however it is damn heavy to lift in and out of the car. The other thing I did not like was that my daughter is small and she sits far back into the pram and cannot see out too well. Although this is a is also a positive when out in the cold or the sun...she is well protected.
Although at times I wish I had a pram that could face me I think in the long run it has made her a confident little girl and as my husband says...why would she want to see where she has been when she can watch where she is going!!! I had the bassinet for the first 5 mths in which she did face me and by the time she went into the stroller she was ready to see the world. In hindsight (isn't that wonderful) I may have looked more at the Mountain buggy swift as it is lighter and still has the bassinette option (which it did not when we were buying). I have the Baby Jogger now for big walks outside and also have a Maclaren Vogue for the shops and this works really well., Still get to use the nice big pram without lugging it in and out of the car.
best wishes looking I wish you well as I nearly went mad looking ! I doubt if the perfect pram is out there but I wish you well looking!
I had my heart set on a strider plus, but was so disapointed when I actually went to look at one. They are so big and heavy.
Depends how much you want to spend. The best one I have found is the Peg Perago Skate - but it's out of our price range:-(
Hello, my name is weemanmum and I am a pram addict LOL...

With DS1 I had a mountain buggy. Fabu pram apart from the fact they cannot face you. We had one car back then so I walked and PT'd everywhere so was great. Unable to get toddler board attached (found out when I changed my mind and went back for #2 LOL).

I recently got a Quinny Buzz for DS2. He just got cranky if he could not see me, and I know this is lame, but it is a really cool looking pram (shocking, I am 37 and should be above this). It is as big as the older mountain buggy I had before but offers nearly everything else you want. DS2 looks super comfy in it, way more than he did in the MB.

IMHO you do not need the bassinette for either of the above prams - waste of money as both got flat or almost flat anyway.

I did at one point also get a Quinny Speedi - and better on rough terrain than the Buzz but again - bubs could not face you (don't worry, all prams so far bought second hand on ebay and all but Buzz have been resold).

I had a look at the Phil and Ted's and great for 2 babies BUT felt a bit flimsy and online reviews are mixed.

For reviews go to and

I bought Quicksmart stroller for DS1 for travel and for use when in shopping centres. Have also sold that as a pain to push when they get bigger. Now I know how much you use a stroller (more than the pram believe it or not) I am going to invest in a REALLY good stroller this time - the new Quinny Zapp Xtra (should be available to Oz late this year but currently available on evil bay).

The Bugaboo prams do well in reviews and resale is excellent. Agree, the strider looks HUGE. Best thing is to go and have a play and take someone with a baby/toddler so you can try not only pushing it but getting them in and out etc. I would baulk at paying the new price too, but know some people really like a new to them pram.

Good luck, hope I have helped and not hindered smile

I have a Baby Jogger City Mini and LOVE LOVE it.. baby isn't facing me but the big sun canopy (which the City Elite also has) is amazing, except it's lighter and cheaper than the City Elite. It folds down to half its size in just one pull and very comfy for baby. Basket underneath fits lots too. If you have the money to spend I suggest you go for the Baby Jogger City Select, so many options for you and your baby, you'll be amazed! It's the best out of the range.

Check out the website and see for yourself smile

hi, i have the strider plus and would definitely recommend it.
I love it, have both the bassinet and capsule that go with it too and they have had tons of use.
once you have the hang of it, it is quite user friendly and has a huge storage part underneath and a bunch of pockets. very smooth to push and turn.
It is a tad bulky and wide, which is a little annoying when youre somewhere busy and crowded, but you learn to know what you can fit past pretty quickly. as for the weight, its not too bad, you can really quickly snap off the seat before folding it up which will make it lighter and will make it easier to play tetris with fitting all your gear into the boot.

good luck smile
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