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Is a newborn suppose to lose weight Lock Rss

The midwife come out today and weighed bubby and she said newborns are suppose to lose weight in the first few days but Koby has put on 100grams, has anyone elses bub put on weight instead of losing???
No, I cant say I had that experience with either of mine LOL!
You must be pumping out some good stuff girl! Keep it up smile

His Royal Highness, Prince William

when I had DS he lost 126g between his birth and the 3rd day when we left hospital. I then had a midwife come out and check him when he was 6 days old and he was 54g heavier than his birth weight. Its quite possible that he did lose weight in the first day or so and has just already regained it. Nothing wrong with that, just means your doing well with establishing his feeding habits.

Congratulations!!! I was just wondering today how you went!

He may have already regained it, or if he was weighed on different scales that can make the difference too.
DD1 lost 200grams, DD2 didn't lose any (that I know of) but was slow to grow after the first few weeks.
My bubs lost weight, big baby required a lot of food, my colostrum wasn't enough... Until my full milk came through! Extra night in the hospital sad
Babies are ale to lose 10% of their birth weight in the first few days smile
Yes...mine gained weight before I left hospital!!

He went on to gain around 400-600grams a week...I had to feed with only one side at a time for a while...
My DS lost 120grams in the first two days...Could your DS be the same? Lost weight in the first couple days then put it back on?

By one week old he was 3720 kg. His birthweight was 3640 grams.

So he put on 80 grams. Keep in mind for the first day DS didnt have anything at all because I didn't have colostrum til day 2. Not always the case but still normal to put on weight
ok thanks ladies, yeh he prob did lose weight it the first day or 2.
Well done!
Harry lost about 280grams in the first few days, I was really paranoid about it too.

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