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jolly jumpers and exersaucers Rss

hi wondering when to use these items with baby
My jolly jumper says recommended for 3months +. Once they have proper head control I think
I got my DD a jumperoo when she was 5 months

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My jolly jumper I had her in at about 5 months I think. Jumper roo I started using at 6months. But they were both a waste of money with my last baby as she walked at 7 months but least I'll have it for next baby.
Basically, neither hurt my children at all. And what age you put them in is also depending on the child itself. You want to put them in when they can hold their heads up. I don't think personally I'd do it much before 5 months at least and if your child is not doing much, is a very floppy thing, I would put it off till later.

I also think so.
my bub was in mine from 3 months but she had very strong head control from a few weeks old, as soon as they can hold their heads up strongly i think it would be safe to put them in it = )
My daughter is 3 months. She has fantastic head control and is very strong. I am thinking about getting one for her very soon. Do most people recommend waiting or should I just put her in and see how we go?
I started using my Jumperoo from around 3 months, she had great head control and was basically trying to bounce from birth so she absolutely loved it! DD was very small though and couldn't touch the ground to jump, so we put the yellow pages underneath so she could actually jump.

Don't know if it helped, but she walked at 9 1/2 months.
We just got a jolly jumper today. DS is 5 months and he absolutely looooved it smile
He was jumping around with a huge grin on his face, thinking he was so clever lol
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