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How close in age are your 1st and 2nd? Lock Rss


Just wondering for those of you who have 2 or more children, how close or far apart in age are your 1st and 2nd?
In each of your opinion is it easier to have them closer together (say 2 years or less) or a little further apart (3 years or over)?

My DS is currently 4.5 months. I wasn't very sure at the beginning if I wanted more than one child, but I am leaning towards having one more. But I am no spring chicken - lol - so my window of having another child is quite limited. I am 36 this year, and I really would prefer to be done with pregnancies and childbirth etc before I am 38 - and even that is really pushing it! wink

So just curious as to what it is like to bring up a toddler and baby together? Some have told me it is really tough and to wait till DS is at least 3...but that would make me 39, and er, probably not going to happen then.

Mine will be just over 3 years different!

I hope this is going to be a good age gap!.

Me and my brother are 3 years apart and my mom said that my brother was really good with me.
I have 23 months between my kids and although my DD is only 3 months old now i would have to say my son has been so fantastic with the whole thing, i think he was a perfect age. He didnt experience jealousy, he not quite as dependant on me to do everything.

There was 2 1/2 years between me and my sister and i think it was a great age gap too.

Honestly i think you will make it work whatever you decide, there is probably no 'right' time it just depends on how you feel.

A lady yesterday was telling me about her daughter who had a 10 mo son and just had newborn twins! eek, now that would be a handful smile

Mine will be just over 3 years different!

I hope this is going to be a good age gap!.

Me and my brother are 3 years apart and my mom said that my brother was really good with me.

19 months age gap here. loved this age gap, DD didnt get jealous at all, and she cant remember life before DS was born, he's always been her little brother - tho she can remember my pregnant belly - as she likes to still remind me about

I have 20 months between first two. Then #3 will come when DD is 2yrs 11 months, and DS with be 4yrs 7 months.
First two have been pretty easy go handle, great mates now, even though they are different sexes. They are so excited about the baby too, but will have to see.
My only difficulty with the first two was the sleeping and not waking up the other. I had my DD in a portacot in the office up the other end of the house for awhile so she wouldn't wake her bother as I had gotten into the habit of jumping at every sound.
I have 10mths between DS1 and DS2 and 18mths between DS2 and DS3. smile

Forever in our hearts....

21 mths between DD & DS & while it was hard at the beginning, now that DS is 7mths, it is getting easier.

Looking back, i really only think its hard due to lack of sleep etc & like PP has said, you just make it work. On the days that are hard, you just remind yourself its not forever & all too quickly they are off to school & don't "need" you as much anymore.
The age gap between my DD and DS is 3 and a half yrs but that was because it took me a yr and half to concieve DS. In saying that my DD is very helpful with DS and I appreciate that age gap. I do plan on having #3 fairly close to DS though.
There 2 and a half years between my 2 boys which for us is perfect. We always wanted that age gap. It good because the oldest one is able to do something by himself and i can spend the time i need with the baby.
I think it what you can handle.

19 months between our DS and DD. At first it was hard, but now it's great. As I think someone else said, DS cant remember what it was like before DD now, and they are very close. Even though she is only 11 months old, he ALWAYS plays with her if she is awake, reads to her, tries to feed her (very messy).
But they are extremely close, and that will be great for them, as the more mobile she gets the more they can do together.

Im due in feb 2012 with my second so my little girl will be
exactly 2&1/2 so heres to hoping its a good age gap!
My little broother & sister were 18months apart and they are now almost in high school & are still the best of friends!
Mum said it was alot easier having them so close rather than the almost 5 years between my sister and i:)
i have a two year gap between my first two, then an 11 year age gap. it was full on having the two of them under three years apart - though the benefits are that they grew up together. make sure that you have some ME time, eat well and take care of yourself mentally, and enjoy them.
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