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When did you pack your hospital bag Lock Rss

Hi just wondering when everyone packed their hospital bag? I was going though my ds clothes today packing away the clothes that don't fit him anymore & thought maybe I should start getting out bubs stuff but do you thing it's to early to do that I'm 31 weeks. When did everyone get their baby clothes out & hung up?
lol im so lazy im just about 38 weeks and still havent smile
better get to it
i have organised her other things though so i guess im not too bad
I didn't pack my bag that early, I did it maybe at about 38 weeks.

But it would have been 32-33 weeks that I started getting all of DD's clothes washed and ironed. She's a September baby so I had to make the most of any nice weather that we had and just get it done! Plus it's a good way to check that you have everything you need, and if you think there's something missing you still have time to go get it.
i'm a little over 35 weeks and ive only just started to think about packing my bags. I did pull all my 0000 clothes out a couple weeks ago and washed them and put them all away tho.
Thanks ladies with ds I was 37 weeks when I packed & he ended up late I had to be induced but with this one I haven't done anything yet bub will be in a bassinet in our room to start with. The bassinet is next to our room under the stairs so it's only really got to clean clothes & bassinet as the change table is in ds room & I've got a portable change table downstairs which I'll use for bub we will set up bubs room after 3 months as that's when we will get ds toddler bed
With DS I didn't pack one because went into early labour at 36 weeks. Had to get hubby to go collect bits and pieces around the house and tell him all the various places things were from the hospital. SO my advice - at least pack some basics and make sure hubby knows which draw to look in should the same happen to you.
Oh, 1st bub was on time, 2nd @ 36 weeks and 3rd induced as she didn't want to come out, so you really can't tell.
i cant remember how far along i was i woulda been about 35/36ish weeks
Nearly impossible to do completely until you go as you are still wearing most of what you will take, using toiletries etc.

Try to keep washing as up to date as possible when you near your due date but dont stress - as long as you have a few things family can bring more later. If this is your first be warned - you're belly will probably be bigger than you think that first week!

I wrote out a list a checked things off as they were packed.

Things you have doubles of, will use doubles of, or arn't using (toothbrush, paste, soap, pen, breast and maternity pads, nappies, baby clothes and wraps etc) can go in early.

The rest can be packed in labour as it passes some time and gives you some focus - the list can come in handy tho if you're stressed or rushed.

Dont forget to add things like camera and charger, phone and phone charger, money etc to list too - may seem silly but its amazing what you can forget.
I'm absolutely hopeless!

I have started packing my bag the night before with each of my babies!

The last time DP was packing my bag at 1 a.m. because I was actually in labour!

With DD1 I was induced, had an elective caesar with DS as he was breech and was meant to have another elective caesar with DD2 but went she was born the day before my caesar was due!

I always planned to pack it earlier but just kept putting it off!


i'm 33 weeks and have packed most of what I can in hospital bag, but some things I simply won't be able to do til it's time... as who knows what night clothes will fit me by then! Plus things like camera, phone, toiletries, music etc I'm still using. Baby things are all packed already though.

My best friend went 4 weeks early - and quickly - so had to pack her bag whilst in labor and rush to the hospital... I don't want to be caught out like that, would rather be relaxed knowing most of it is done and just have to grab a couple of things last minute.

I have a list that sits on top of the bag and I check things off as I add them in. That way even if there is a rush at the end I know exactly what I still need to put in... and where the list is!
I'm 26 week's & have already started packing mine due to if i don't do it now i will never get around to it
I plan on doing it at 30 weeks so its over and done with! Im the sort of person who has 2 be orginized, in saying that Im bairly packed and moving on saturday but Ive been sick with the flu
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