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I hate pink! Lock Rss

I am loving purple on my DD atm it seems to really suit her. Target have the rompers in their brand in purple, best and less have a few little outfits, you can try brands like bright bots online, it seems that i find the purple things here and there, there will be one thing amongst a million pink things, have just been keeping an eye out, but i LOVE the pink clothes so its not a great drama for me
My daughter has red hair- so i'm always looking for blue or green girl things for her (some pinks look ok)

If you don't want to spend a fortune i think you're gonna have to give into the baby pinks at least a little bit. smile
Yep, I hate pink too. I've warned MIL and my mum that any pink gifts for this baby should it be a girl will end up in the charity bin! You could try shopping in the boys department, you'll probably find lots more bright colours to choose from. smile
I really detest pink as well. If this one is a girl then i'm going to have a hard time coming round to it. No offence to mums who use them, but I also hate those ribbon headbands baby girls wear on their heads! They look like easter eggs. Blah, girl stuff sucks. Especially now they make fisher price toys in a pink version, I shall stick to the normal colours myself. Some of the older girl stuff is nice, but again not much choice in babywear for colours.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Haha Goldcoastmum and Ruby-gloom so glad I'm not the only pink hater out there. I would totally chuck pink stuff too if it was given to me, I'd rather use my boys blue stuff!

Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions!

I''m so proud of my gorgeous angel

Always have, always will HATE pink!!!

Unfortunately I'm not like Skippy and Sandy. Even after two gorgeous girls I still detest it. I was one of three girls and we were like family with our neighbours who were all girls aswell. So i'm not sure where I got it from. I think dad just transformed me into his tomboy.

For sheets etc. try some of your baby stores. I'm sure there are a few in Newcastle aren't there? I know that they are no-longer current but I got a nice Duck by Living Textiles set which is purple, lime green and golden yellow set. Sounds strange but it's cute. They also had a bright primary coloured set which I also purchased. Bright bots have some great colours too. I know that they are pretty expensive but sometimes they are a deleted range and about half price and the quality is great.

I have to compromise with DD1 these days as she is old enough to know what she wants but I was a mean mummy. DD1's first two wheeler bike was red as I refused to buy the pink one and the purple one was out of stock. We compromised with her 16 inch bike and got her a metallic pink but looks more pearlish silver.

I give into her now in regards to clothes. Although about 2 months ago, her favorite colour changed from pink to blue. YAY!!! I wasn't sure if I should believe her at first as she all of a sudden said it when we were shopping for shoes for her and I didn't want to spend $90 on these blue shoes if tomorrow she changed her mind and liked pink again!

I found lots of red baby clothes but only have a few purple newborn things.
Mind you red is my favorite colour so I never really looked for purple much.

I'm not a big fan of pink either and have been having a horrible time trying to find colours i purple but definately not much out there sad I was given a heap of white stuff and my mum and i dyed it all purple, it looks great and was really easy to do so maybe you could try that? We bought the dye at spotlight but i've seen it cheaper in some chemists smile
i was the same as skippy but after my second daughter went pink crazy
and of all colours for little kids i love white on my girls
Saw a few light purple items at Target today - a t, shorts and an old-school sunsuit - very cute. Also a dark purple 'wondersuit'

Also Bonds has some purple this season
Just letting you know, I was on the ozsale site today. Bright Bots has a big sale with lots of purple clothing...
Yep... Non-pink lover right here too! Especially barbie doll pink, ugh hate it. I cringe when I see little girls/toddlers dressed from head to toe in pink everything. I love greens, yellows, browns and even sometimes blue for girls. Not a thing wrong with dressing a girl in blue smile
i dont like pink either!!! although funny thing is my daughter really suits it! anyway i try and stick with purple too and like you havent really found much in that colour ... you can get loads in white, oranges, red and yellows, i have basically stuck with those. smile
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